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As a leader of your team, SendOutCards training is valuable to you and your team. At first your upline will be the source of most of your training with Send Out Cards. The “Treat ‘Em Right” seminars, provided by SOC, is a great addition to the training provided directly by your team and sponsor.SendOutCards is a solid company providing card sending services. You can use the service for direct-mail advertising campaigns in addition to personal reminders and well wishes.If you have visited the website, you will be taken through the company’s presentation and training. The training provided by Send Out Cards is more extensive after you become an affiliate.In my time as an affiliate of SendOutCards I have been on the Treat Em Right seminars and have attended live SendOutCards training from other leaders.Treat Em Right – A Day of ValueTreat Em Right is SendOutCards’ flagship training. TER is a day-long gathering of distributors and other SOC leaders.Insider the TER you won’t find much training specific to building your business online because the material covers traditional network marketing practices. So you don’t like the traditional MLM approach of “just talking to people”? What do you do? Every business has, as its foundation, a solid relationship between the business and the customer.You won’t find too much about internet marketing and social media strategies at the SendOutCards training. It is about personal development and treating yourself right. It should also be noted that great personal connections are always made at live events. The Treat Em Right seminar is a great place to meet like minded individuals.SendOutCards TrainingAs a business owner, it would be in your advantage to take quality training to enhance your business. If you are marketing online or through traditional MLM ways, foundational business practices should be part of your strategies.Third party training is benefical when used to supplement company provided training. Seek outside training if you want your SOC business to be viable over the long term. Your business will thrive if you do this.The SendOutCards training is not enough by itself to promote and cause your business to thrive. If you are looking to promote your business, including SendOutCards, there are excellent tools, training and resources at http://iamarenegademarketer.comEnsure your business success by using SendOutCards training augmented by 3rd party training.

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