WordPress Sites for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketers are constantly in search of the most effective development and marketing platform. From ultra-effective HTML and CSS websites to Joomla-powered affiliate product shops and commission shopping databases, the range of affiliate websites built using different programming languages and content management systems is truly staggering.Beyond simply being effective, there is very little that makes an HTML website or Joomla-powered online presence all that wonderful. While they work, they are not the best websites that they could be. With the most popular free content management system available — WordPress — marketers have a greater degree of flexibility and power over their websites. Small changes no longer take hours and require knowledge of HTML.  Adaptability — one of the most important site characteristics for good marketing — gets amplified to the point where it is dangerously good.These four tips, strategies, and development tactics will help you design your affiliate websites using WordPress. When it comes to the top affiliate and CPA (cost-per-action) products, only the best will do. Make your affiliate websites ultra-fast, very flexible and more adaptable than any other online presence by giving it the WordPress treatment.  1) Create templates and standard structures for your affiliate websites.One of the most important qualities of any affiliate website is its development time. Manual HTML websites can be highly powerful and very customizable, but they’re slow. They take days to make, weeks to refine, and when other programming languages are introduced, months to perfect.Use WordPress as it should be, and create a range of templates for your affiliate websites. With a large enough library of WordPress user themes and pre-made template designs, you’ll be able to roll out new sales pages and product websites in minutes, not days.2) Use SEO plug-ins to gain natural search traffic and cheap sales.Whether you’re marketing through PPC, SEO, or social traffic, the importance of maintaining a search-friendly website remains the same. With WordPress’ huge range of built-in SEO options, getting a decent search engine presence is simple. However, most marketers don’t want “decent” search power, they want great search power. Add some plug-ins and SEO extensions to your WordPress installation and you’ll gain more than just decent search results — you’ll become the most powerful website in your niche.3) Use pre-made templates for quick sales pages.Due to its position as the de-facto platform for affiliates, a range of themes and templates have been designed for WordPress with the specific purpose of making affiliate marketing and cost per action advertising easier. They range from sales page templates to ultra-flexible “review” style themes, and they’re all very helpful. If you’re short on time but high on ambition, download a few and use them to cut down on development and website deployment time.4) If you’re a high-volume advertiser, consider changing to HTML.WordPress is brilliant, but it does have its limitations. One of them is its server load. If you’re driving hundreds of thousands of views to your pages daily, it might be worth changing them to static HTML and CSS. Speak with a marketing expert and decide for yourself — a mistaken change could end up doing more harm than good.

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