Women Self Esteem

Self-esteem means that you to feel good
about yourself and does not depend upon anyone else. self-esteem comes from
inside. Having a healthy self-esteem means that you are comfortable with
yourself and you are okay the way that you are. This does not mean that growth
is over and done for you; it just means that self-acceptance is the first step
for change.

Many women who are suffering from low
self-esteem suffer so because they have absorbed negative messages about what
it means to be female which come from their culture.

Some of the messages might have come from
the popular media sources regarding what is “beautiful” and what is
not.  These messages insist on following
strict diets, having a “perfect” body, and so on, so that you feel
that you can never be good enough.

Other women may been raised to believe that
they have to postpone their own needs in order to please other people. This
train of thought leads to the poor self-esteem that typically results in
depression, anxiety, and physical sickness health. Women with low self-esteem
don’t go for regular checkups, exercise, or take care of their personal needs
because they really don’t think they’re worthy to take up other people’s time
with these “trivial” matters.

In relation to men, women who suffer from
low self-esteem stay in abusive relationships because they feel like they don’t
deserve anything better. Furthermore, if they have children they are unable to
command respect and set boundaries because they feel like they are unworthy of
the respect that parents need and, in fact, are worthy of.

Women who are parents have a great need of
self-esteem. They are role models for daughters and, for their sons, they are
the image of the kind of woman their son will seek out as a wife.

Here are some tips to help women increase
their self-esteem:



A woman’s self-esteem begins with
acceptance of being female. Your body is not exactly like a man’s. Your
temperament is not exactly like a man’s. There is nothing wrong with you for
being female–but, there is also nothing wrong with men for being men. Never
let yourself be a victimArticle Search, but also never put the blame on a man for your
misery. A strong woman does not play the blame game–she overcomes her personal
problems because she knows she can.

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