Why Writing Articles is the Best Online Marketing Strategy


In the era of web 3.0 and the ever increasing popularity of social networking it is still impressive that the most effective online marketing strategy is writing articles. The far reaching and long lasting marketing capabilities you get when you write an article are still unmatched by any other strategy online. By creating useful information and making it freely available you are developing credibility while also increasing your exposure. The only ‘drawback’ if you must call it that is that creating content does require an investment of time and effort. On the other hand however the benefits you do receive by writing articles makes your efforts oh so worthwhile.Here are 5 compelling reasons publishing useful information online is so widely and popularly accepted thereby making this strategy so effective.They Are in DemandThe internet is all about information and that is exactly what articles supply! Web masters, ezine publishers, bloggers, information product creators and a whole lot more of other sources are in continuous need of fresh content. Writing articles helps to feed these information hungry groups and organizations whereas this information is also counted on and used by researchers as well.Search Engines Thrive on New ContentAs previously mentioned the internet is based upon information. It’s no secret that Search Engines LOVE content, so if you supply it on a regular basis you are giving them a great reason to stop on by to take a look around your site increasing your chances of boosting your own rankings.They ‘Linger’ OnlineWhen you write an article that contains useful information it can remain in circulation for a long time online. This means the author gets continued exposure and traffic for their site and this is all the result of a one time effort on the part of the author.Quick Path to One Way LinksOnce articles are published the directory than has established a link back to your site. This is assuming you have placed a link inside the resource box. Most directories maintain a high page rank which tends to ‘boost’ the rankings of your site as a result.Tremendous Viral CapabilitiesOnce any articles go live on the internet there is no telling where they may end up. People used them on their own sites and businesses may link to them as well. The manner in which this type of content is circulated can have it ending up in locations you would have never formerly thought of. The coverage therefore is very comprehensive and all for just a one time effort!Probably the most effective online marketing strategy today is to write an article that is distributed freely all across the internet. The only deterrent for many with this particular strategy is the effort needed when creating content for circulation online. On the other hand when you consider the 5 benefits this strategy offers as reviewed above the effort seems all the more worthwhile.

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