Why Information Marketing is the way to go for a home based business

Hi Edward here first of all let’s say this is day one

home based business
how to start a home based business

Ok so we have set up a blog with all the necessary components for lead Generation lead capture content promotions and as a central hub.

So we’re going to talk about this information marketing.

information marketing selling products in the form of documents, training courses, video course, webinar presentations, membership sites. based on teaching people something like how to sell products on eBay

how to make money from Forex

how to learn to speak a foreign language

how to train a dog

how to become a more productive person (stop procrastinating)

Get your dream relationship partner( washing dirty dishes, puts the toilet seat down)

The marketing part comes in the Promotion of the products to interested people on different platforms such as on eBay, Facebook, Gumtree, and many other places online and off where there is an audience of interested people..

Perhaps the most important part of any product is getting the product in front of people who actually are willing to pay for the product and the best way to make them buy the product is to make an offer or a deal  which makes it very hard to resist buying the product from you,  such as a discounted fee or an exclusive members-only deal.

The marketing aspect of any product is perhaps the most important part of the sales process more than the product itself because Having the best product means nothing if no one who’s interested in it, doesn’t know where it is, how much it costs or how to get access to it.

When we buy stuff we have to ‘justify’ it by coming up with reasons to.

Marketing is to show the reasons to buy from you in the form of benefits that the person buying will get out of it.

Benefits like:

It’ll make you more productive.

you will be slimmer

you will improve your financial situation 

your health will improve

your relationship will improve

you will be a better writer

you will have more confidence 

your trained dog won’t embrass you in public

by emphasising what you will get out of the product, you are more likely to make that sale.

In my next post ,It’s about building that relationship with people.

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