Why Do You Need Motivation In Life?

Human behavior is always a surprise. We know that we
must have to achieve Success in life and we tend to not take action. We
have many reasons for not achieving what we want. Many times though we
know that logically we are right we tend to move away from it, the
reason being Emotions. Emotions is what drives us everyday, every
moment. Imagine that you are on your bed and your mind knows that it is
good to do exercise, you talk to yourself, “Do you want to do it today?
Or shall I start tomorrow?” and you know this emotion that creeps in
decides your fate. This small difference could create a huge impact in
the quality of your Life.

Firstly for success you need to set
your GOALS. If you do not set your Goals, it is very difficult to
achieve your outcomes. And you may have defined your goals, worked out
a strategy too, but if you do not have MOTIVATION?? You will not even
take the first step. Its like owning the worlds best car with all the
parts working perfectly, the car has the capabilities to go fast with
the greatest fuel efficiency. But if there I no driver and or if the
driver does not ignite the car and start it, the car does not even
move. Motivation is like that spark for the engine. This is what makes
the human engine move. You may have the best talents or acquired the
best skills but it you do not have motivation you will not reach far.
Motivation is the driver which drives you to do what you are doing.

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’” – Martin Luther King

is the desire to achieve a Goal. Motivation with enthusiasm and energy
really move us forward in life. Motivation comes to you in two ways

Motivation from the External Factors: When you see something happening
you are motivated and you move by it. You succeed in some act of yours
and as you see these results you are excited and more motivated to
achieve. Yes this must happen always for you, however when you are
wanting to achieve big, there is a possibility that you might fail and
that’s when you want the highest level of motivation so as to come over
the failure and achieve more in life. Though this works you can’t
really enjoy this every time and you can’t depend on this for

b. Motivation from Inside: This is the most powerful
form of motivation. At any moment we have all needed resources and we
need to tap in the right kind of resources. What creates the Motivation
is the Passion or the Interest. The moment you Live with Passion you
don’t need anything else you drive you. You are just driven hard to
achieve the best in life. Motivation is basically because of certain
internal pictures that we run in our mind. Right now if I ask you to
close you eyes and recall a time when you felt motivation and feel the
same way as you did during that time and intensify the feeling, I am
quite sure that you too would have felt the motivation inside you. As I
said it is about giving your 100% in these exercises. When you set your
Goals they must automatically motivate you. It must give a sense of
Drive so that you could go about achieving more in life.

As I
said before Motivation acts exactly like the fuel to a car. If the fuel
reduces you must be cautious and still ensure that the efficiency of
the car if maintained. Else the car might just get damaged and totally
halt. Or even if the fuel is totally dry, the car comes to a halt.
Either ways it is not good. Same way if you do not stay motivated, you
will not be able to sustain the power to continue what you are doing.
Say if you set a target for yourself to reduce you weight by 20 Pounds
in 1 year then you must just loose your focus and may only target this
much later. It does not motivate you to achieve. However if you wish to
reduce 2 pounds in 3 weeks it gets you motivated. It is still the same
for the simple reason that you not have got into smaller chunks. Small
size tasks are easy to achieve and gives you more drive to achieve
them. And often Success in one field provides Motivation to Succeed in
another endeavor.

How to stay motivated?

Visualization: This is a very powerful and easy way to keep yourself
motivation. Many coaches across the globe use this visualization
technique to keep the players motivated all the time. All you need to
do it just see yourself achieving the Goals that you have set and that
will definitely keep you motivated. Make a picture of you achieving the
goals the kind of benefits that you reap out of this. This will really
drive you to achieve more and will never make you procrastinate.

Associate Pain not Achieving goals: Apart from giving pleasure to you
achieving Goals, associate some pain and see what does not happen when
you do not achieve your goals. It could make you feel so embarrassed
and make you feel lousy and guilty. This too will drive you to achieve
your Goals always.

A boy who was failing in studiesFind Article, not doing so
well suddenly started getting very high grades in school and also
started showing lot of interest in studying. The reason was found that
the boys father suddenly passed away. And he was the bread winner for
the family. His fathers death acted a powerful motivator for that boy.
However it is not a must that painful events must happen in our lives
but before it happens if we take control of ourselves then we become

Any person is successful only because they take ACTION.
And Action is possible only when you stay motivated. Only when you have
the right amount to motivation do you really achieve in life. This is
the long lasting success of any person who have achieved more. So
always started motivated and achieve the best in life.