Which Home Based Business Network Marketing Model do you Prefer


There are new home based business network marketing models emerging every day. Well, they are new but not so new, either since a MLM boils down to a product, sales, and recruiting new people to help you make millions. However there are payment models, and there are downlines, uplines and a lot more than distinguish one company from another.However when it comes right down to the marketing, what path do you follow? Are you chasing down every acquaintance to show them your brand new opportunity that can make thousands for them? Are you approaching strangers in coffee shops and trying to sell your opportunity? Well, that is one way.On the other hand, other marketing models have worked literally for thousands of people so they can sell their opportunities. One method is internet marketing. Instead of marketing your product, (though if it is awesome you should gain quite a few new people for your downline that way) you can also market your home based business network marketing opportunity.One advantage this has over the “old style” MLM marketing is that you are not limited to acquaintances, people you can phone personally or can corner in some public place. You literally have a global audience to attract to your product if you do it right. Of course, it is not the only home based business network marketing sales technique either. You can reason that if you are attracted by the residual income opportunity then thousands more people may be too if only you could reach them. Viral videos are an often-overlooked means of marketing which can produce more sales if approached right. Give the potential customer value in the form of a video instructing them or coaching them and give them the opportunity to see what you have to offer, this model works well.Do you prefer the direct mail model? It does require an investment but can if worded properly produce some very likely prospects. The same applies to newspaper ads, circulars and even billboards.Home based network marketing is probably limited only to those you can reach out and touch but these days; you can reach out and touch nearly anyone.The most appealing feature about home based business network marketing for many new entrepreneurs is the low start up cost and the potential for lasting residual income but only if the appropriate audience can be reached.If your sales are not up as they should be, if you aren’t making what you feel your potential is, then it is time to try a new model or approach to marketing your product and opportunity. If you are already on the internet then varying approaches, trying direct mail, making viral videos, taking out classifieds or even buying leads can generate even more sales and residual income for you.In short, if you feel you are not living up to your potential expand it. The tried and true methods are great but try something new and different. If you are new to home based business network marketing then start out small and see which direction you feel most comfortable in, but do not get too comfortable.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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