Where To Find Affiliate Marketing Ideas

One stumbling block that all affiliate marketers face at one time or another is what product should they sell. When they decide that affiliate marketing is the business for them they must find a product to market so they can begin to make money. Today I am going to be your guide on where you can go to find affiliate marketing ideas.

1. Discussion forums offer an excellent place to come up with ideas on products to sell as an affiliate marketer. The Internet Marketing Warriors is an excellent place to get ideas. Visit the free Warrior Forum and you can get a lot of very useful information.

Participation in the discussions is not required to get some really good affiliate marketing ideas. You can just go online and start reading some of the various discussions that are taking place.

One thing you will notice is the signature file that is placed below every forum post. Their signature will almost always have a link to the product or affiliate program that they are currently involved with.

One thing you can do is look at the number of posts that a person has made to get an idea about their credibility. Pay close attention to the signature below their post to see what they may be promoting.

It stands to reason that this person is probably making money online and it might be a way for you to find an affiliate marketing idea. You might even be able to find a specific product to promote.

2. Another idea is to do a Google search for the phrase affiliate marketing ideas. When you do this you’re going to see millions of results that come up. You can start at the top and begin working your way down the list until you come up with a few ideas that appeal to you.

You may as well join the millions of consumers who use the search engines as the main way of finding information. You really only need a couple of good ideas to make money as an affiliate marketer.

3. One final thing you can do that really is easy is just open up your eyes and look around at what is going on. In the newspaper you’ll see ads for products and you’ll see the same thing on TV. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to sell cars, or other products you see being advertised.

This can help you narrow down the list of potential niches you may want to become involved with. For example niches that are always popular and contain excellent affiliate marketing ideas are sports such as golf, health, diets, work at homeFeature Articles, and so on.