When We Are Going to Take Endurance Running, We Need Something for It


In general, there are some rules for making physiological stress of aerobic stamina training. The rules are also to irritate hearts to operate. In addition, it is able to strength the ability of pumping blood. Finally the ability of taking in oxygen of peripheral muscle is improving, too.There are some kinds of body-building exercises to have targets which are to develop general endurance or improve the functions of hearts and lungs. In this course of endurance and it is able to control strength of physiological load. It is about between sixty and eighty percentages for individual maximal oxygen uptake. It is controlled by the seventy and ninety about maximal heart rate. Or there is about from sixty to eighty percentages about heart rate reserves. It means that this kind of diversity which is from heart rates of quite condition as well as greatest heart rate.There are some kinds of athletic sports training, which are to increase the ability of aerobic sports as well as the capacity of achievements of aerobic endurance. Under this condition the stress of physiological strength will often be great. It is able to control the amount of absorbing oxygen about individual maximal, which is around from eighty to ninety percentages.However, there is one kind of physiological load strength to be suitable for improving anaerobic endurance. The discrimination is usually on the basis of the concentration of blood lactic acid to keep high level for long time. It is going to make the best use of the biggest sports load movement that is usually to have duration of 0.5minutes and 2 minutes. It is able to make the best use of proper intervals intermission training ways for their training.The training of endurance needs nourishments.The nourishment is the important material base for keeping the life actives and health for common body. At the same time; it is able to encourage sports men to be recovery, which is the useful or practical way.There are some kinds of features for endurance training. The endurance training will keep moving for a long time. When we are going to take endurance training, it could consume a great of heat along with all kinds of nutrient. The process of metabolism for endurance training is relatively steady.In addition, the energy metabolism of endurance training is usually on the basis of aerobic oxidation. The consumptions of muscle glycogen are great qualities. It is going to strength protein catabolism. It is able to accelerate the amino acid to get into glucose. As the time of taking sports is going to increase, the proportion of fat energy supplement will also increase at the same time.


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