When Marketing Translation has gone horribly wrong

If your company is trying
to expand and promote their business internationally, it is important
to conduct research on how your target audience will perceive your
products and services. Business corporations that want to conduct
business abroad need to consider some important issues that have to
be given attention to, and ultimate solved. One of the common
problems here is linguistic and cultural differences between

Translating marketing
material is about more than translating a foreign text from one
language to another. It involves a high degree of knowledge and
familiarity about the culture and law of the target country.

Anyone who can speak
different languages is not automatically capable of translating
relevant document, and thus, marketing or advertising documents
should only be translated by well-trained and professional

Marketing documents pose
specific difficulties that mean that, if mistranslated, they might
have catastrophic effects on both the translator and the company.
Thus, for the quality of your marketing materials, it is crucial to
seek help from reputable translation agencies that can surely provide
you with any language translation you want for your business.

There are a number of
well-known examples of marketing translations that have gone horribly
wrong in a very public way; some of these have provided humour to
people while other were just embarrassing and humiliating to the
culture of the targetted people. Hence, it is essential not put the
results of your marketing translations at risk, because this might
become the main root of your financial losses.

Translation mistakes are
the main thing that every translator and interpreter is trying to
avoid. However, if your translation materials are handled by
professional translators, clients have the guarantee of achieving a
high quality product.

Every language is unique
and possesses its own characteristics and culture. Thus, a well
translated document should reflect the culture of the target
audience. Otherwise, if the message content is not entirely suitable
to their culture and beliefs, the tendency would be for your target
people not to want to do business with your company.

Translation is
clearly not an easy job; just like any other translation fields,
marketing translation requires a professional linguist to secure the
quality. At the same time as the world is experiencing diversity,
many people believe that we are now living in a shrinking world,
where understanding different languages is no longer a problem for
most of us.

It is truly fascinating
to see the wonder and benefits of translation services; they
bridge gaps between countries and provide success to people who are
utilizing them. Thus, doing business internationally, one must use
professional translation and interpreting services to make sure one
is walking in the right path of business and culture.