What To Do When Your Home Based Business Opportunity Is Failing

You may be thinking to yourself this is never going to work, or you do not have what it takes to be an internet marketer.  We all think this at one time or another.  You are not alone.  Even the most experienced internet marketers run into trouble at times.  The last Google update is proof of this.  Many woke up one day just to find their webpages hammered down off of the #1 position they had maintained in Google for a long time.  What can be done to get your home based business opportunity back in the game?

1.  Relax – It is not the end of the world.  The same things that you did to get a prominent position in Google still work.  Take a break.  Do something nice for yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Let it go for a few days and come back to it with a fresh mind ready to create some fresh content.

2.  Write articles – Backlinks are what got your webpage in that prominent position in the first place.  It will work again.  Do more this time.  Backlinks from articles do not lose any of their pr because there is no reciprocal link.  Writing articles also provides a number of benefits to you in the form of fresh ideas.

3.  Blog – Again with the backlinks.  Articles may be a little difficult to post every day.  Blogging every day is easy.  These internal backlinks also do not lose any of their pr because there is no backlink.

4.  Forum posts – More backlinks.  Forum posts will serve two purposes.  First, they also create backlinks.  Second it is a good place to go for moral support.  There may not be anyone in your home that supports your online efforts.  Forums are full of people in the same boat who are more than willing to give you moral support and help you get your online home based business opportunity back on track.

5.  Find more Web directories to post your website to – Try to get into Dmoz again.  This article directory is the hardest to get into, but it is worth a try.  Directory submission will increase your traffic.  Surfers love to look for a home based business opportunity of their own in these directories because they are trusted.

6.  Review your ads – If your ads have been active for awhile, check to make sure that they are still working.  It does not do your business any good to have an ad that is not generating any impressions or clicks.

7.  Find other places to post your ads – Fresh ads are usually the ones that get the most attention.  Stale ads don’t get as much traffic.

8.  Look at your webpage search engine optimization – Are you focused on your keywords?  Do you use keywords in your h1 and h2 title tags, alt tags, bold, italic, and underline?  Are your keywords in the title of your webpage?

9.  Subscribe to a new Ezine – Fresh thoughts for your webpage from other marketers perspectives is always a good idea. 

10.  Negotiate links with high pr websites – The importance of your website is only as good as Google thinks it is.  If you link with sites that are an authority on your website’s theme, Google will look at it as an authority site.

Give your latest efforts some time to sink in.  Google updates your website, and every one elses, quarterly.  They index on a weekly basis, usually on the weekend.  Don’t expect your efforts to have immediate results.  With consistant effort and patienceFree Web Content, you should see your home based business opportunity climbing the website ranks over time.