Web Site MLM Business: How To Have Control Of Your Business & Income Streams

Be informed about new click-by-click style video training in creating your own web site mlm business. Find out how valuable information marketing and social interactive marketing is to the success of any online business. Learn how to use these Web 2.0 interactive sites to your advantage. Create your own content site and link to your social networking activities. Learn how to select your own income sources to fund and grow your web site mlm business. Learn how to target your mlm business and your mlm product market separately! Partner with team builders you are interested enough to grow their business with you!

Having your own web site mlm business will become the normal mode of operation for this old industry. The shift away from old model mlm is building momentum!

Out With Old Model MLM: In With The New Model

The internet and modern technology has largely contributed to the shift from old mlm marketing ideas… to new model online social interactive marketing. Incredible how the offline mlm industry has survived in the past decade, given that the methods only worked in favor of a very low percentage of mlmers.

Back in the 1930’s when commission based network marketing started… it was the best available marketing method. Today that ‘old model’ has expired! New–better marketing methods are available and are still evolving. It’s true that some astute mlmers have been using the internet with their own web site mlm business sucessfully for many years. Others tried and failed… because they could not see a way to make money from their website.

Network marketing companies restrictions on members having their own websites brought much grief! Eventually the only way to get around the situation evolved. That is by having your own web site mlm business in a ‘generic’ format. That is by not mentioning the company registered name or any product tradenames. Sure there are mlm companies that do provide, within their policies and guidelines for members to have their own website. That’s true… but not to promote the companies product with other company’s products. This does not work on the internet… you need to monetize your online business with multi-streams of income.

Select Your own Sources Of Income

One of the benefits of a web site mlm business is being able to market various theme-related programs, hard goods products, ebooks, and software on your site. The affiliate companies have thousands of these products available and the good news is… affiliate membership is free! Well… they want you to sell these products… don’t they. Also they pay commission up to 75% for digital programs and down to 1% for expensive hard goods products.

Other sources of income are… (CPA) cost-per-action referrals, selling ad space to the search marketing groups, or promoting your own products. All your web site mlm business products should be ‘on-theme’ with your mlm product or be products that mlmers can use in their business.

People don’t join an mlm business on their first site-visit. They will partner with you in your business, only when a level of trust develops. Those site-visitors interested in your website or blog information will subscribe to your newsletter. From your newsletter you can continue to provide quality theme information and recommend useful programs and products for their business. Target marketing is absolute ‘key’ in a web site mlm business and of course in any online business!

Internet Success: Marketing To Your Target Market

Many millions of websites on the world wide web are just that… websites. Just a site that no one goes to… because no knows about it! To have a web site mlm business functioning effectively… you need to complement it with many of the available content marketing and interactive social marketing methods. Your website will gain natural search traffic if it has been properly search engine optimized.

Although some websites with high demand products do well… standing alone… most sites need help. Today we have help in the form of blogs, Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, YouTube pages, article-writing, press-releases, Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and niche forums. By linking these content and interactive marketing methods… you increase your standing at the search engines and find more traffic visiting your web site mlm business.

But there’s more to it than that! Through the social interactive sites you make contact with like-minded people. You specifically target people who are seeking a mlm business. When these people go to your site… they’re already ‘sold’ on you! Your recommendations now have much more value to them. This seriously makes learning ‘the tricks of the trade’ in using these social networking and content based marketing methods a vital necessity in achieving online success!

Take The Time To Gain The Know-How

Growing a successful web site mlm business doesn’t happen overnight! Each process to the ‘whole package’ takes planning and time to gain the required skill. Creating an information website, based on your mlm theme with your monetization links in place, as well as your subscriber-box for newsletter subscribers… should be your starting point! At least 30 web-pages will give you reasonable standing with the search engines.

Then you should set-up a few blogs. Each one with its own theme. The business… the product… and maybe the causes/solution as your themes. Then set-up several Squidoo lenses all directed to your website and/or blog. Same with Hubpages, article-writing, and press-releases. Video-marketing with a YouTube page requires some extra effort. One good video can have so much impact though… and therefore… that extra effort would be rewarded!

Joining niche-forums, and the social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and the mini-blog site… Twitter… is easy enough, however using the sites and growing a following to ‘target’ your market involves a little know-how! Timing is everything… some people say. Many internet mlm business operators have struggled to use these methods. Incorrect use simply limits results.

A new and unique course that teaches and shows you in click-by-click style videos… how to use all the above interactive and content marketing methods is available. With a course like this behind you… and if you take the time to learn the process… to put the whole package together… you’d have to succeed in your web site mlm business!


Taking your web site mlm business to the point where you could easily have many more business partner prospects than you could handle… is possible! In a lifetime of ‘talkin the talk’ in ‘old model’ mlm… you could only ever hope to connect with a fraction of a percent of the people you can reach through the internet. The fact that you can more easily target your market via the benefits of Web 2.0 social interaction and therefore qualify (pre-sell) those people before they decide to partner with you… is powerful!

It would seem that the sensible thing to do in an mlm business… would be to learn how to use all the Web 2.0 tools and start online socializing. Pope Benedict said, in reference to social networkingBusiness Management Articles, that connecting with people has to be a good thing. I’m with him… He’s right and the time is right to get going with a web site mlm business!