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Every news headline discussed the act of Edward Snowden
about the confidential data that he handed over to the media. He just carried
out the sensitive information in USB drive and publicized it. It was nothing
but a serious data security lacking.

The headlines have been dominated by the news of data
breaches when Edward Snowden stole the confidential data from the database of
NSA (National Security Agency) and publicized it. Other than that famous
incident of data theft, there have been a number of data breach cases have been
registered this year as well as the past year. It is not necessary that the
online crooks hack the database just to steal data. The cyber criminals
(hackers) perform some activities to grasp the attention of the media or to
steal some information with mal intentions. However, whatever the intentions of
these hackers are, it harms the owner of the data a lot. The Verizon Risk Team
writes in their report of data breach 2013 that from pubs to the public
agencies, mother and father or the multinational companies, nobody is untouched
from this increasing problem of data breach. People had the wrong perception
sometime back that the hackers target a particular entity and perform their
dark activities. But, now, the trends have revealed that hackers do not specifically
target anyone, they try to get into a number of different databases at once,
the information storage that had the weakest security measures become hackers’

However, there are some specified data theft attempts in
which the cyber criminals targeted a particular company and won their reward.
The multinational companies have better security measures, so, there is a
greater risk of getting caught than of the ordinary small scale company, that
is why, smaller companies are the one who repeatedly become a data breach
victim. Some of the big names that have become a victim of data breach include TJX
Companies Org.; Sony, AOL, and many others. But, in the majority of
cases, the hackers were later sentenced heavy imprisonments and fines. According
to the Verizon report, almost 52 percent of the data breach cases occurred in
2012 was the result of hacking. About 48 percent of the information theft cases
occurred was a result of malware.  There
were more than 45000 of the of the records breach in just 621 cases of data
breaches. The majority of the cases that took place were due to the lack of
strong security measures. The low security was due to the carelessness of the
companies and the individuals that became the victims of data breach. In the
modern era of technology, the data security is not that expensive or technical
issue. To give your data reliable security, you may security software that cans
Lock Folders. Currently,
the data breach is one of the precious assets of the business as well as the
individuals. The loss of data can haunt you for weeks, months or even years. An
incident of data breach can make you suffer financial loss, reputation lossArticle Search,
and other such losses. The biggest loss that businesses suffer due to data
breach is the loss of clients’ confidence; it is an irrecoverable and a long
term loss. Taking some precautions is better than the regret.

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