Tips on Starting Off Your Maltese Puppy Training at Home

if you have never owned a dog, the Maltese breed makes pet ownership a joy.
These intelligent dogs are friendly, sociable and easy to train. With their
intelligence and personality, there is no doubt that they are so

of the delightful things about this breed is that they are incredibly easy to
train. These puppies are willing to learn whatever that you are teaching. If
you have never had a dog, or perhaps just discovered this dog breed, here are a
few tricks that you can apply in your Maltese puppy training.


order to reduce the stress that puppy training can cause, do things the easy
way. Before you bring your new Maltese puppy home, you will want to puppy
proof, much like you would do for a toddler. Since your dog will be curious,
make sure that you have put everything dangerous or irreplaceable away from
your puppy’s reach. It will make training much easier if you have to spend less
time correcting your dog.

can spray Bitter Apple (a chewing deterrent available for dogs) on furniture
legs and other potential chewing posts.

sure that your puppy has his own basket of “good” toys. Maltese are
very smart, and will become protective over favorite toys. You can even teach
them to clean up at the end of the night and put their toys away.

Puppy Potty

puppy’s housebreaking should progress smoothly, as long as you keep your puppy
on a schedule. When puppy potty training, your Maltese should be taken out the
very first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You should also take
them out after meals and after nap time.

can also train your puppy to use puppy pads. Since many Maltese are apartment
dwellers, they will often use the pads throughout their life, and not just during
their puppy training.

you are away from your dogs, keep them in a crate large enough to turn around
in. Dogs are den animals, and being in a crate replicates being in a cave or
den. Your dog will feel secure, and is much less likely to have an accident
when in fairly confined quarters.

punish your dogs when they do have an accident. Be persistent, and your little
dog will catch on. Remember that when a puppy isn’t housetrained, it is a human
error – not a dog’s mistake.

Puppy’s Behaviors at

the first day, decide what is acceptable from your Maltese. For example, if you
don’t want a dog that begs from the table, or one that jumps on company, you
must start with the first day home. With consistency, your dog will become a
well behaved companion that you will enjoy for many years.

puppy training your dogHealth Fitness Articles, use quick and strong “shh…” sound in stead
of “No” to mark for undesirable behaviors will be more effective. The
reason is the word “No” is always in use in your daily conversation.
Don’t forget to give plenty of praises for the good behavior as dogs will
always learn better with positive reinforcements.