Time to create wealth and personal productivity training

To succeed, companies provide products and
services must be different from the other companies on the market. Employees
must receive training in specific job skills, in order to provide unique
products and services. Only companies can quickly provide their employees with
specific job skills training. Mary insulation film such as excellent, by the
Company with 20 years of film senior technicians teaching for new employees to
explain the unique properties of this brand explosion-proof

membrane, construction techniques and
works, the general film technicians to reach a certain level can be a teacher ,
passed down from generation to generation. The same time, many film companies
will be held a film contest, “support system” to match, by contrast,
the development of staff potential.

Specific skills to ensure business success
factor, so companies must provide a systematic in-service training. Skilled
with the novice in the automotive supplies industry is the most traditional
way. Automotive supplies mobility is very large, causing “hunger gap”
directly harms the product performance and service reputation.

Innovation capacity training

Innovation capacity training is designed to
improve staff to develop new ideas to break the rules, be bold and innovative
ability to make staff able to carry out their own creative work, thereby
contributing to the whole enterprise core ability is the most important
training in the modern enterprise training system.

Enhance staff ability to innovate, is to
enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, including the innovative
ability of the company decision-making, management and technical personnel is
particularly important. Their training to the external training, training can
largely avoid inbreeding phenomenon of internal training to go out, help to
break with the inherent way of thinking to new ideas, generate new ways of
thinking. Main products: car dvd player and in car camera,
are with good quality.

That is, if the auto supplies business management thinking more
glittering, will require a lot of the knowledge of the outside world is
provided by the enterprises, enterprises should “adventure” to spend
time, money to send part of the management to outside training. How automotive
supplies business now have such a vision.

Teamwork training is to live together,
learn together through collective activities, training to improve staff
awareness of collective, collaborative problem-solving process, so as to
achieve the training activities to improve team cohesion, and this collective
training is also a modern enterprise the training content of the newly
developed training system. Xiongbing mentioned, such as opening protection
thanks to facilitate the expansion of training outside the office to deepen the
spirit of enterprise, of great help to enhance staff communication, promote
teamwork tacit. Temporarily put aside their daily work, exercise body and mind
in another realmFind Article, will greatly enhance the cohesion of the team. Outward Bound
is now more popular form of corporate training.