Throughout the country show the status quo

The same Chinese automotive supplies
industry, various forms of retail outlets (including dealers more than) 100
000, of which more than 90 percent of husband and wife plus “a pair of car
wash shop. In this market pyramid, temporarily high, and few in number;
troublemaking negligible. Automotive supplies industry increasingly
competitive, but the superstar companies also rare. Competition between
domestic enterprises, white competition or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Only emphasizes the unusual number of large
exhibitors, but thinking in a rational perspective, the number of large
enterprises to participate in only a reference value, so that more SMEs to
participate in and benefit is the exhibition as an industry platform
capabilities of the more important aspect. One show only serve 10 percent of
large enterprises, with a taking into account the 10% of large enterprises,
without neglecting the other 90% of the exhibition, the difference between the
two is evident. Blindly only attach importance to large enterprises like the
golf course is always only a very few number of people participating number of
exhibition is full of green niche platform will eventually become a
“vase”, was eventually industry spurned.

Really good exhibition platform should be a
flourishing platform, you can have the biggest names pointing to suffer “,
you can also have a small can mix to eat.”; “Star Blossoms
surrounded, they can have” broken English its own interest . ” The
big cats play the game, the cat will have to fill his belly; kitten to become a
big cat, you must eat a few rats, but Elvis always only a few. Therefore, we
must see the situation of the enterprise group to be able to play games in the
big cat, the cat can fill their stomachs. It only emphasizes that large
enterprises, blindly none other big corporations, not a real conducive to the
practice of exhibition development, will eventually tone is too high, fall into
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