The Worst Affiliate Marketer Ever In Affiliate Marketing History.

On a shiny and beautiful day our featured and very special guest wake up, turn on the computer, find something different…., something that will change his life forever…

Well, at least he think so, so he start his venture investigating and digging deeper and deeper into cyberworld, a world full of promises.

Oh! Wait a minute, what do we have here:

“Make 1´000´000 dollars just by scratching your head!”

hmmm…., He think´s to himself, wow! that´s really something, making a lot of money just by scratching your head?, Sounds Great!!

Well, this might sound plain stupid, but don´t you agree with me that we are to innocent, we tend to believe in every word we see on the net?…

And after a while we keep blaming because we feel that nothing ever work the way it should.

One thing is for sure, if it sound to good to be true, well sometimes it probably is.

It is a one good rule to have, repeat after me:

“If it sound to good to be true, it probably is”

Unless, of course they can prove it to you.

So, why is this article called “The Worst Affiliate Marketer Ever”?

Well , let´s continue to see what mister “worst affiliate marketer ever” would do in a typical day of his life and in the meanwhile think about what you can learn from it? ok, follow me:

From now on we will be calling mister “Worst Affiliate Marketer Ever” for WAME, for the sake of simplicity.

1) WAME turn on his computer, check his mailbox to see if he sees something “new” or something “different”, something that will change his life.

First he goes to his yahoo mail account, hmmm…, nothing special here… oh! wait…this sounds good, if I sign up here and refer this guy to this and (Hey! maybe I can talk to my uncle about this)…I am going to check tomorrow to see if I have made any money, Ok!

Ready to check my next email box at hotmail, ok , same thing here, bla, bla, bla and oh! this might work…

I´ll wait until to tomorrow and see what happens…

Day number 2:

Wame turn on his computer, check his mail and he thinks….,hmm, nothing happened, zero visits for this program I joined yesterday and, zero money, zip! zilch! nada!

I don´t think this really work…., but wait I am going to my hotmail account again and see if I find anything interesting….hmm…so…—–, the same thing again….

This is really disappointing, I think those Internet Marketers are just fooling me around!

Maybe tomorrow….

Day 3.

Hmmm….what should I do today, I have heard of a lot of people that make money online, but how?….

Oh! a new incoming e-mail: “Make A Gazillion Dollars Stuffing Envelopes”

And the same thing over and over again….

This process repeats itself day after day and after a couple of years trying this and that and never achieving anything Mister Wame is totally exhausted emotionally and has no money because he have spent all his money in crap he thinks.

But, the fact is that the problem is not always that info products are crap, the actual problem is that, and we most be honest here:

“We don´t like to work”

We want everything without making some effort!

Instant Gratification!

Have you seen how ants work?

Oh They work hard! But not only do they work hard, they organize their job.

I know, you might say that ants act by instinct!

Well, yes, but I don´t think you would like to be ant?…..Or would you?

Personally I prefer to be a human being and take my own decisions.

So, what do you think mister WAME must do?

I do…,Organize himself by doing 4 things:

a) Make A Plan.

b) Work towards that plan and what you want to accomplish, don´t get distracted.

c) Take a day of every week.

d) Don´t quit your job yet, that will come later…

In other words, don´t be like mister WAME, don´t jump from one opportunity to another opportunity, you will only bury yourself deeper and deeper, and then you might not come out of the big whole…

If you planned to do something today, like for example writing an article, don´t wait until tomorrow, do it today.

Do one thing right and master it, and after you have master it and only then pass on to the next step, one step at a time.

Wame finally did it, he now call himself Affiliate Marketer X a.k.a A.M.X. and lives in South America.

All this by taking one step at a time.

If you don´t believe me, well, I can´t blame you, it´s your life, you decide what to do with it, and I am not saying that this is a magic solutionFree Reprint Articles, but If you follow this basic principles you will in fact have success in everything you do.

See you around!