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The increase in popularity of the web based training is enormous today. I believe that the reasons for this are pretty obvious. There are quite a few reasons why people prefer training on the web than any other method of learning a subject. First of all, web based training is not only efficient but also cheap. There are many companies selling web based training programs which allow you to put your course material in an interactive format for use online. Of course, these programs in particular might be quite expensive. However, once you pay the initial price, then you can create as much web based training as you wish for no charge. If you make a comparison with printing all of the course materials, renting classrooms, hiring teachers to give lectures every week, and all the other expenses that come along, you will see that web based training is the most economical solution for whatever learning program you might need. Try to remember the convenience of using web based training while at home and you will never think of any other form of learning. Isn’t it great if students can submit their papers, ask questions, and have tests from their own homes? I really cannot see a better solution for the working professional, can you? On the other side, there are people who protest against web based training without even knowing much about it. Their main fear is that web based training robs the children of social contacts with the teacher and their classmates. Consequently, a classroom is a better place to learn. I can fully agree that the best way for any children to learn is generally to go to a classroom but having in mind all the positive sides of the web based training I dare to say it is a competitive option. Taking classes on the web includes e-mail, live and video conferences. In case the student and teacher live in the same state and city they could even arrange an actual meeting. In conclusion, life is said to be speeding up more and more but here is the need for web based training which has remained unfulfilled. I believe web based training is highly necessary as it lets the busy professional learn the skills they need.

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