The Search for the right Home Staging Training


Certification is another avenue of concern.  Since there is no particular regulation in regard to certification for the Home Staging industry a consumer most often will seek a reputable company and pay the price to become certified.  Certification will validate the Home Stager as trained in the field and we all recommend certification.  There is no set price to be certified in this industry.  There is no set price for training in this industry.  Each company can set their own price in which to charge the consumer for certified training and individual training courses.  We see training courses that are anywhere from 2 days to 7 days.  Some are hands on, some are on-line, some are in hardback form with books and binders full of instruction and tests while others are more simplified.  Some charge anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for training.  How is one to determine which to choose from?  While it is true to enter into the world of Interior Design one would absolutely need to obtain a college degree but the Home Staging industry is quite another story for now.  In choosing the right HS training you need to know exactly what you can afford, the time you have to invest in training, your ability to travel to receive your training and the instruction you will need to actually “build” your business once trained. Home Stages Designs is happy to dedicate our training in CD form to those whom are searching for training that will allow them to study at their own pace in the privacy of their own surroundings.  We do not offer pressurized training because we understand the limitations that one might have searching for a new career.  We also trust our consumer to take our instruction and apply it responsibly as instructed prior to entering into the industry or developing a private business.  We go over this completely in our business section.  We are not in the business of turning out unqualified Home Stagers rather we carefully instruct our trainees from A-Z and offer ongoing instruction to keep them updated and ever informed.  Our goal here at Home Stages Designs is to offer the industry the finest, qualified professional Home Stagers that this country has to offer.  See us now at We hope that whomever you decide to go with for training in this field that you are well informed, qualified and proceed into a prosperous and rewarding business.

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