The Harvesters Part 2

The Harvesters – Part 2
by Laurie Rogers Copyright 2001

Remember from part one, we are not talking about those folks
who pick veggies out of the garden in the fall. This is definitely
NOT an episode from Martha Stewart, although I’m curious to
know how get my tomatoes to stop bruising, ooops, sorry got
a little side tracked for a moment! It happens to the best of us,
espicially when you’re weeding (pardon the pun) through all that
spam trying to find your “real” email messages.

You know the important stuff, that really does need your FULL
attention. And half the time you can’t find it because it’s buried
under all that JUNK MAIL, I know how you feel, somedays I’d
like to run to the highest mountain and SCREAM my head off.
Maybe they’d listen, cause I sure as heck don’t get a response
when I’m screaming at them through the computer. (You’re not
the only one huh?)

Hopefully, someone will invent a system where you can talk to
the email that comes in, the person sending can hear you right
at that moment. That’d be awesome eh? Someone sends you
some spam and you CAN tell them what is on your mind! You
know, HOW you “really” appreciate their message.
Although, I do NOT think we’d get much work done, cause we’d
be too busy cussing them all out.

You have really got to wonder WHY they keep spamming cause
*NOBODY* buys their stuff. And let’s be realistic for a moment,
what in the world is the point in sending 1 person 500 copies of
the SAME darn ad? I’m not the one who’s the MORON here! I can
read, I simply choose NOT to read spam. And NO matter HOW
many times you send it, it’s STILL not going to change my mind.
(You’d really think they’d CLUE in after the first 250 copies.)

Is there some kind of contest out there that we’ve been missing?
Do they offer awards for this kind of junk? I’m curious because,
nobody buys their stuff, so what EXACTLY is the incentive? If it
is a contest what qualifies you?

*The Most Creative Spammer

*The Spammer – who actually got “A” sale!

*The Spammer – who’s ISP never got shut down for a month!

*The Spammer – with most FAKE addresses

*The Most ANNOYING Spammer

What do you win if you qualify? 5 million FAKE email addresses?
Cause you know they’re not going to give out a REAL prize! (Once
a con always a con) And do they all compete for Spammer of the
Year? It sure seems like it! The fact is life goes on, and no matter
where you go and what you doArticle Search, there will always some “STUPID”
moron that just HAS to break the rules!

Try not wear out that good old delete key!

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