The Hangover Handbook… and a Cure For The Marketing Blues

There is a solid chapter of 101 ways to cure that hangover… as well as some hilarious chapters on:

Boozer’s Eye Chart, Great Drunks of History, I bet you don’t know this… The pub survivors guideAnd the chapter that EVERY marketer should have on their book shelf…’

The Boozers calendar – 366 amazing, fun, bizarre, offbeat, odd, unusual, weird, staggering, stupendous, delightful, true and invented reasons to have a drink every day of the year’A mouthful to say the least (and yes, pun intended)Think about all the different ways you could build marketing promotions around days like:

March 22, 1766 – Explorer James Green Eaten by Cannibals, March 7 – Lassies Birthday, June 1 – Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, June 13 – Alexander the Great dies from over eating in 323 BC, August 16, 1848 – Worlds first department store opens, October 5, 1872 – Picture postcard introducedYes, these are abstract – and bizarre – that’s the whole point!Creating special promotions is a fabulous way to create cash flow surges in your business.

Dan Kennedy made January ‘copywriters month’ and has special promotions around his copy related products.

I have run Stampede Specials, Playhouse profits – and some other (very) strange ones as well.

What’s interesting though – they always were some of my best promotions.

And they will be for you too.

Grab yourself some strange books of lists… and create some even stranger promotions for 2007.

I’m willing to bet you WILL get great results – and a completely different outlook on marketing events.

One thing I will note to you right now: Using bizarre and unusual themes in your marketing WILL results in greater sales. It will also result in more complaints… which is a VERY good thing.

You see, most business owners worry more about pleasing everybody, than they do about pleasing only those who matter (the ones who actually buy from you again and again).

When you start using more of these kind of marketing techniques – you will see more complaints – but you will also see higher sales numbers – and more devoted clients that buy repeatedly from you.

Look at Howard Stern… love him or hate him… he IS controversial.

You know what’s even more interesting?When they surveyed his listeners – a large percentage of people seriously dislike him – but they can’t stop listening to him. They want to know what he will say or do next – and are willing to PAY MONEY to find out what’s next (despite it being negative – it is something they talk about).

When you use unusual techniques in your marketing – your clients WILL follow you closely and they will want to hear more from you. And the more you promote to them (using these techniques), the more they will buy.

It works nearly every time!Try itFree Web Content, I’ll bet you like the results.