The Future Of The Personal Training Business

The personal training industry is quickly changing and the biggest changes are yet to come.

In the next 12 months we’ll see major changes that will alter how you make your money, how you attract your clients, and how business gets done.

Here are my fitness industry predictions for the next year

*Death of the 60 minute session

I’ve been preaching this since 2001 but all good things take time to catch on and in the past year or so more and more trainers have FINALLY come to grips with it. If you’re going to offer one-on-one sessions they should be 30 minute sessions only. 60 minute session are dead – people value their time more than ever – and you stand to make a lot more by offering 30 minutes sessions.

*Small group sessions

I may get a lot of flak for this but I’m going to say it anyway. Personal training will no longer mean one-one-one in the future. The new personal training will be one-on-many. I’m not just talking about boot camps either. I’m talking about small groups of 3-6 clients at a time will be the norm. It’s the ultimate way to leverage your time.

*You – an info-preneur

More and more fitness professionals will have multiple income streams and one of those streams will be information products. With the technology available today it’s easier than ever to create and market information products such as Ebook, audio, video and multi-media products as well as micro niche membership sites.

*Insurance will pay

Already insurance companies are starting to recognize the need for preventative measure and some are already starting to pay for limited amounts of personal training and health club memberships. But in the future things will change quickly and insurance companies will begin paying regularly for your services.

*Corporate wellness programs

Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut health insurance costs, improve employee satisfaction and productivity and corporate wellness programs directly address all three of these issues. This untapped market will flourish in the next year.

*EFT (electronic fund transfer)

This is something I’ve been teaching for years in my PT Business Course and I’m always surprised when I realize how many trainers are still doing business the old way.

The most successful personal trainers will be those who are generating ongoing, recurring income. They’ll have more security, reliability, and capital to grow their business. If you’re still selling blocks of sessions or time then you’ll be left in the stone ages. Recurring EFT is king and will dominate in 2009.

*Online client generation

Google, social media sites, blogging, you tubeFree Articles, and email marketing will generate more qualified personal training leads in the future than ever before. As more consumers turn to the web it’s easier than ever for you to position yourself as a micro-celebrity and get found by your target audience. Best of all this new type of marketing is often low cost or no cost. You can’t beat that!