The Free-Reprint Articles Powerhouse and Copyright Law

Writing articles is definitely a very solid method of building
a client base for your online business. There is no doubt about
that. The writers I speak with who use free-reprint articles
for the promotion of their businesses all proudly talk about
the success articles have brought to them.

Articles will generate substantial traffic to those who write
well. Even better, a considerable amount of the traffic will
convert to sales.

The Internet is a rocky super highway. Thousands upon thousands
of people have had their dreams shattered by the realities of
marketing online.

Less than 5% of all online businesses will survive, so it is
important to try to do the things that the 95% do not do. I
will tell you one thing now — more than 95% of all online
marketers do not even attempt to use articles for the promotion
of their businesses.

I have written a number of articles telling people about the
promotional power of free-reprint articles. In fact, I have
built my business on free-reprint articles, by helping others
tap into the promotional powerhouse for themselves.

I have often said that one should investigate writing their
own articles. I have even said that ideas of inspiration can
be found in reading the works of others.

I wish to re-emphasize my original direction to find inspiration
by reading the words of others. I said that reading around
should only be used for inspiration. One will discover that
as they read someone else’s point of view, they will suddenly
see an idea for an article on what may be a similar, but very
different tact.

One should NEVER take the words of the original author and make
them their own!!! Nearly every article you read will contain a
copyright notice. The copyright notice is legally binding,
supported by federal law.

If you are writing your own articles but borrowing a few
sentences from someone else, YOU ARE STEALING! Copyright
violation is a criminal offense that can find you in court
and defending your bank account!

Words that I write and put into a free-reprint article do carry
clearly stated “terms of reprint”. Let us review those real

This is a Free-Reprint article. The only requirements for
publishing this article are:

· You must leave the resource box unedited.
· Minor editing to the article is permitted.
· You may not use this article in UCE (Unsolicited
Commercial Email).
· Email distribution of this article must be opt-in email
· You must forward a copy of the ezine or newsletter that
contains the article inside to the author at:
· If you post this article on a website, you must set the
links up as hyperlinks, and you must send us a copy of
the URL where the article is posted.

Where in these “terms of reprint” do I give permission to
borrow a few sentences or paragraphs from one of my articles
to form the basis of your article with your name in the
resource box?

I have read these “terms of reprint” again, and I still do not
see the permission to use my words in this way! What am I
missing here?

Let us writers be aware, there are those in the our Internet
writers community who deliberately disregard our “terms of
reprint” to take our words as their own.

Folks, if you are just getting started in using free-reprint
articles to promote your business, please realize that it is
completely unnecessary to steal the words of others! Inspiration
resides in all of us, and we can find it in the most bizarre of

Back to my original article on this topic, which was written
for Max Shifrin (one of my ghost writing clients by the way),
this is what I said:

When in doubt, I always turn to the search engines to find
inspiration. I might have a general subject in mind, but I
might not know how I want to address it. That is until I am
reading someone else’s view of this subject, and Boom!,
inspiration strikes.

A spark goes off in the old brain and I know exactly where
I am going tonight. I know exactly how I will proceed with
my new issue and article.

When I am done, you could look at the original source and
never understand how I decided my slant on the article.
That is because the source being read only serves to spark
the inspiration from which the article will be written.

To read this article in context, click the following redirect
link and read the second article called “Online Publishing:
Where Do You Want to Go Today?”:


This topic is being addressed today for one very important
reason. I keep seeing my words pop up in the articles of
another! These words are derived from articles I write in
my own name and in the articles written for my clients.
While everyone can read this article, it is actually only
intended for one person. They know who they are.

In the meantime, this article also serves as a warning to
those who are just getting started with this very lucrative
promotional technique. There really is no reason at all for
anyone to steal from another to become successful online. When
we tell you to copy what works, we are not telling you to
literally steal what is working for us!

And to the one person who is choosing theft as the basis of
their business, be forewarned. I am watching you and gathering
a portfolio of examples to use against you in a court of law.
When I have gathered together my case, you will be hearing
from my attorney. Funny thing is, you do not know how many
people I actually ghost write for, so you have absolutely no
idea how deeply you are exposed! Thinking on Lewis Carroll’s
“Alice in Wonderland”, how deep does the rabbit hole go? Think
about it.

There is only one way for the perpetrator to avoid the
courtroom in this case. Make your confessions and agree to
my terms for keeping yourself out of the court room. This
is not just about me and my ego. This is about the value of
the work that has been done for my clients who have been
ripped off as well. The ball is now in your court. I will
await your message.

Folks, honesty is always the best policy. Honesty will keep
you out of court and in the black. Find inspiration where it
may reside and use that inspiration to join those of us who
are in the 5%Article Search, by using the powerhouse that free-reprint
articles represent in the process of growing your online