The Evolution of Business Marketing Online


It seems that business marketing online is something that has always existed since the ‘birth’ of the internet. Actually however this type of marketing and technology evolved out of what was originally regarded as the information highway! The internet in the earliest stages was universally regarded as a massive library of information and did not really become recognized as a communication platform until later. Upon this recognition however it did not take long before online businesses began to appear to test out the effectiveness of their promotional efforts on this relatively new technological stage!Here are 5 stages of the internet as a communication platform that help bridge the divide between marketing and technology over the years.EmailOnce the service providers began making email available the general public quickly became enamored with sending and receiving messages online. This was when the internet started to turn the corner and become known for more than an information source but also a communication platform.Instant MessagingNow service providers and even the operating systems start to extend you the ability to conduct ‘real time’ chats with others using the net. This was quickly embrace by many and possible overly embraced by others who tended to seemingly wait until somebody came online to engage them in conversation. In either case instant messaging ‘upgraded’ the internet to a communication platform that allow for live conversations much like phoning but without the audio.Blog PopularityWeb-logs which were and still are in many cases ‘internet journals’ began to capture the eye and favor of people in search of personal interest information. The ability to leave comments and join in on conversions with other like minded people increase visitor satisfaction even more. It seems perhaps that this ‘concept’ could be taken to another level to capitalize on the popularity!Social Media-Network SitesSocial media sites of all types began to spring up which was like a geyser in terms of their accepted popularity. The online community flocked to these sites to either view interesting videos or even exchange thoughts and ideas with others at hugely popular networking sites.All during these times savvy marketers were already experimenting with ways in which they could combine marketing and technology using the internet. With each evolutionary step came new ideas as to how online businesses could promote their goods and services! The age of communications and marketing had arrived and was now the dominant driving force behind internet use.Corporate AdvertisingWhen large corporations started investigating the feasibility of creating and maintaining a ‘profitable’ online presence the online world changed and forever! Looking around today you would be hard pressed to find any business entity without some sort of online presence. The marriage of marketing and technology has been officially accepted and is now recognized as a familiar fixture on the internet landscape.As the discussion above reviews, business marketing online was not always in existence since the inception of the internet. Our first recognition of this marvelous technological ‘tool’ was as a source of extensive information on just about any subject. As it began to evolve into an equally effective communication platform the potential to combine marketing and technology became apparent. Many of the first online businesses were of course pioneered by entrepreneurs ultimately blazing the trail for large corporations! The 5 ‘growing’ stages reviewed above help to ‘unveil’ the mind boggling opportunities the internet held for commerce. This in turn has lead to what we know it as today, a technological frontier of limitless potential!
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