The Current Economic Recession is a Home Based Business Goldmine-Reporting From Wealth Summit Live

Shocking presentation reveals why the home based business industry is “red hot” right now and getting hotter. Why waves of the unemployed and disenchanted are now desperately seeking security and personal freedom in their own home based business.

The 2009 Wealth Summit Live conference was recently held in Orlando, FL on January 25th, 2009. The $297 per person event was hosted by Dolf de Roos, a world renowned real estate investor. Dolf de Roos has real estate projects around the world that total over three billion dollars. He has shared the stage with almost everyone including Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump. He also has written over 11 books on wealth and real estate.

The theme of the event was; “How to thrive in the current economic recession”. A question just about everyone has on their mind these days. The 2 day event featured many talented speakers including Harry S. Dent Jr. (America’s Foremost Economist), Joel Comm (Internet Marketing Expert), Chris Howard (Wealth Psychology), Loral Langemeier (Real Estate Investment and wealth expert), and others.

The only speaker invited to represent the multi billion dollar home based business industry was Rob Hannley. Mr Hannley is a co-founder of the extremely successful home based internet business called: MyInternetBusiness or My Internet Business, (MIB).

Mr. Hannley is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of success in the working from home industry under his belt. Rob has a passion for home business to be done the right way and has helped others make millions in finding the right home based business. According to Rob, when times are tough people look for alternatives and home based businesses often the best solution.

The tone of the Wealth Summit Live was unbridled excitement and optimism. Every speaker seemed to be on the same page. The core theme was; “due to the economy, this is the greatest time in our history to succeed”.

Why is that you may ask? Good question. Never before in our generation’s history has our economy been turned upside down like it is. Many of the things that were predictable in the past…are now anybody’s guess. With unemployment approaching the unbelievable 10% level, companies going out of business left and right, massive layoffs, home prices in the tank, stock market investments down the drain…if this has not gotten your attention…you simply are not paying attention.

I read last week that the average American’s net worth has dropped an average of 23% since the start of this decline due to falling home values and stock market losses. There comes a time where you either get totally depressed about it all…or… make a decision to pick yourself up, be pro active and do something about it yourself.

Rob Hannley talk was appropriately titled: “Economic Slowdown is a Home Business Goldmine”. Rob also commented that if anyone is involved in a real, legitimate home based business during these times…you could not pick a better time to build and grow your business and experience amazing success.

Here’s why. Tens of thousands of the newly unemployed are trying to figure out what to do. There are so few traditional jobs available right now…you have to be creative. Many of these people are sitting down and Googleing phrases like: work from home, legitimate home business, make money from home, make money online, make money on the internet, home bases business, internet marketing training, how to make money online, etc.

If you currently have a real, legitimate home based business with a proven track record that really works…you are in the cat bird seat because there are so many good people who are now needing what you have. Rob Hannley used the reference… if our economy is basically a sinking ship taking on water…what we offer is a top of the line life boat that can take you to safety.

Certainly there are thousands of home based business out there to choose from. Some are legitimate but many are scams. Particularly in these times…many scammers come out of the woodwork to prey on the unsuspecting.

Mr. Rob Hannley’s business called MyInternetBusiness, My Internet Business, began in April of 2008. From day one it exploded off the launch pad and has continued to got straight up ever since. The company has 6 phases planned. They are currently only in phase 2 and it is already exceeding everyone’s expectations. Phase 3 is due to launch in a matter of weeks. The excitement about this phase 3 launch is at record levels.

Most people new to home based business come into the business with the same issues; (1) they don’t like to sell, (2) they don’t want to have to talk with people and (3) they know nothing about online marketing.

MyInternetBusiness solves all of those issues. Their revolutionary business system actually does the selling for you. MIB also has ‘professional business assistants’ available to talk with, follow up with and close your prospects for you. And, to addresses the big issue about not knowing how to market online…MyInternetBusiness has assembled probably the single largest online marketing resource center on the internet.

With MIB’s online marketing training center, a complete online newbie can come into the business and learn everything they need to know to have substantial success online. MyInternetBusiness has countless success stories of people who have done exactly that.

So, if you are a victim of this economic slowdown, don’t give up. It’s in times like these that the biggest success stories are made. The cup really is half full. There is opportunity and help out there. You just have to seek it out.

I must congratulate Rolf de Roos and his expert cast on there wonderful job at this years Wealth Summit Live event. It’s people like this that can not only give hope…but solid, real, how-to information…that helps untold thousands overcome this recession and by doing soBusiness Management Articles, help bring our economy back to success and prosperity again. This is what America is all about. Good luck in initiating your own personal economic recovery act!