Supplements For Training

Taking additional supplements for training is often considered to be
one of the fastest ways in which you can increase muscle mass.
Supplements are often used to complement weight training regimes to get
maximum results. Historically it has been a controversial subject, with
many believing that supplements act as a way of cheating, however this
has been proven not to be the case and is actually a way of protecting
your body from any damage that can be caused by using heavy weights.

Most Common Supplements for Training

Creatine, is a naturally occurring substance that the human body
produces to provide energy cells primarily to the muscles. Taking
additional supplements of Creatine will increase muscle mass as is acts
in the same way as eating a very high protein diet. Extensive research
has shown that taking this supplement does not have any adverse effects
but it does actually improve the physiological response to resistance
exercise such as weight lifting.

Protein powder, is used in much the same way as Creatine, often mixed
with juice and taken before and after exercise to help muscles recover.
The powder is widely used by athletes and body builders throughout the
world and is probably the most common supplement used.

Glutamine, the substance is found in abundance in the human muscles
and during exercises the amount can become depleted, therefore many
athletes and people that train using weight take these supplements to
help repair muscles that can become damaged during weight lifting. Also
widely used in hospital to help patients recover after surgery as it has
great healing properties

Caffeine, acts as a stimulant to increase alertness and ward off any
drowsiness, which in turns helps you get the most out of your routine.
Used to get a more labor intensive workout it can be a great supplement,
however the quantity taken should be monitored as it can cause
dependency and it can lead to some unhealthy side effects such as
nervousness, irritabilityFree Reprint Articles, headaches and muscle twitching. This is
obviously not what you want. So just be cautious with the quantities.

Final Thoughts on Supplements for Training

Although not a substitute for good quality nutritious food they are
able to aid those that are following a weight training routine. When you
are weight lifting it can be difficult to get enough necessary
essential ingredients through normal foods. Supplements are there to
help not only to repair your muscles but to also achieve greater mass
that is not always possible through just eating a diet which is high in
protein and training with weights. As long as you take the recommended
amounts and do not exceed any dosage instructions then they are a great
and healthy way to get some fast results.