Steps to start a successful Affiliate Marketing

Niche affiliate marketing started after 1990
when Amazon started an “associate program” that pays commission to those
users who refer other people to buy books form Amazon website. Still this
program is running successfully and includes thousands of different products
since Amazon extended its business by selling other products too. Amazon still has
great name in this field and could be great place to start but today, most
online stores have developed their own affiliate programs for their respective

Things to keep in mind to Successful Niche
Affiliate Marketing

Like conventional businesses, affiliate
marketing also needs proper planning to start. Here you can find few basic
steps to start online affiliate marketing.

1. Pick your main market – When working to find your
market, you may have a number of options. You should either choose a topic of
your interest or go with proficiency that you have professional experience. But
if you can work on any topic then go for the market that has good number of

2. Choose a categorized market – Once you have chosen target
market, such as travel, entertainment, finance then it’s time to sub
categorized your market to make sure of a more targeted audience. If you picked
travel, you can divide into a more specific category, such as Hill station,
Pilgrim tour, domestic tour or international travel.

3. Keyword research – Now you have also
decided on the sub-category, now begin Keyword research. These keywords or
phrases should have high search volume so, people use to search these keywords in
search engines. You can also use free keyword research tools like Google
AdWords Keyword tool, or if you are not satisfied with Google keyword tool then
you can go for paid tools such as wordtracker. You main keyword should be use
in domain name and you can keep rest of the less important keyword for your
blog’s domain.

4. Start a blog – You have two
options here – either choose free blogs and register with Blogspot or WordPress
(you can choose any free blog hosting platform to start your blog) but I
recommend these two or register and host your own domain. Whichever suits your
need go for that, if you are beginner then I would suggest you to start with
free blog and use your main keyword in blog or domain URL such as
you can see this domain has main keyword “SEO Service”.

5. Add Content – Now it’s time to do
the main work which will let you earn from online resources add content to your
blog your website. Remember search engine always love fresh and unique content
and frequently updating website that’s why news website always ranks well in
search engine result pages (SERP). Don’t forget to add your main and secondary
keywords to the content. You content will decide how much time your website or
blog will appear in search result. You can also add video or images to your
blog your website people searches for images and video from Google images and
Google Video.

6. Find Affiliate programs – Now you have done all
the things your blog or website is ready and I assume that your website is live
now. So, it’s time to move on main segment that is look for and good affiliate
program for your target audience. If you website is about travel then look for
travel agencies, travel guide, hotels and relevant business which you can
promote on your website. Generally, you have to only copy a code and paste on
your website where you want to display advertisement. That code also includes
and unique id to track any referral visitor you send to that website.

7. Promotion of Blog or Website – Now affiliate
advertisement is running on your website now to maximize your earning from your
website you have to promote your website. Submit your website to directories,
Bookmark your website on some good social bookmarking website such as Digg,
Delicious, stumbleupon, reditt etc. you can also do article marketing, video
marketing, forum posting to promote your website.

8. Convert and Earn – Like any traditional
businesses, an affiliate marketing program won’t give you revenue unless the user
visiting your site and buy any product. You have to be keep an eye on
conversions and make sure your visitors goes to merchant page and buy something.
Most of the affiliate programs pay via PayPalComputer Technology Articles, checks or bank transfers (usually
for U.S.
residents only).