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Hello, do you ever wonder if it’s possibleto start your own online business? That’S what i’m talking about today, please join me. Hello! Welcome to take a step to a better youin. This video.

I want to talk to you, aboutstarting your own business or, if you have abusiness already how to grow it. If you arenew, my name is sherifa Nakalema business ownerhere in virginia usa and i’m very passionateabout the independence of owning your own businessthe freedom, because i’ve done it. I’Ve done it andhad a couple of issues and then i’m back doingit and this time i want to invite you to comewith me. So if you don’t know anything aboutme i’ve been here for a while a youtuber fortwo years now, and i started this channel toshare. What i now continue to learn and i focusmore on inviting people – i read they reachedout for that book.

A cash flow, quadrant, booki’ve shared youtube tips, uh like motivationbut this year, i’m recording this video ondecember 22nd, 2021 and after enter 2022. I wantto invite you to join me as i grow. My businessbecause. I’Ve shared the knowledge now it’s time, totake action. If you’re one of those people who havebenefited from the knowledge i shared, i invite youto come now join me.

We take this to the next leveland. I’M very passionate about that i’ve beenhaving issues. I shared issues about limitingbeliefs and all that and i’m saying no, it’s timeto take action to take you to the bigger level noware. You like wonderingwhether, it’s possible for youto start your own business. You know abusiness, like you, come up with a nameand, you name it and you grow it.

Big and it’syours. That’S a good thing because for me istarted one already it’s not big here but inever did it’s called you see that uh websitethat. I have up there It’S my owncreation, it’s a corporation best year, virginia usaand, so i i want to start this series.

I’M going tocall it series to share what i know again but thistime specific to business, a home based business, anonline business, because you could maybe be havingyour own other kind of business. Maybe brick andmortar like locally. You could still come to thisseries because you find that i’ll be sharing likea tool you could use. Even if you are, you do notonline and then so like how to save on taxes, whatkind of business structure. To you just start yourbusiness, it’s uh partnerships.

Many people talk tome about partnerships, partnerships. I say they arenot good. You can talk about the disadvantageof those, so this is going to be a series ofconversations, but just know that it’s aboutbusiness it’s about business and my history isuh. Originally i’m from um i’m an american but i’moriginally from uganda, east africa and uh. My firstdegree was in economics, material university, then icame to america accounting.

I know that that’s whygeneral like knowledge, the knowledge but i’mpassionate about business. So as we are discussingthese the business series i’ll share what i knowbut also what i’m learning and the reason i’mtalking about, i’m inviting you to start yourown business is because i think it was aboutover. Two and a half years ago i discovered i usedto do e-commerce. I used to sell children’s booksonline, but then i discovered through uh, thefour percent. Some of you who know four percentbasis affiliate marketing will just promote otherpeople’s products so, as we are discussing theseservice that i’m talking about thetools and the topics of businessi’ll be inviting you to explore.

Attitudemarketing, because you may be wonderingyou are talking about business. What what ami going to say? Who am i going to sell it? Toi, don’t even have any money. I don’t have theknowledge about these computers and stuffand, i’m saying because of this fbi marketing andthe program, i’m about to talk about you will learnstep by step and actually seven dollars.

If youhave, seven, usa dollars, you can start to followwhat i’m going to be sharing here. So the programthat i’m going to use uh to invite you althoughit’s, not in all countries. So what happens i have alink below that takes you to to put in your emailand, actually see that you get to my phone numberand, all that, but you can try to see if they allowit to act to pay the seven dollars. That’S how youknow that it’s in your country, but if it’s nottext me when you put your email, i i’ll send youan email too. It’S all automated chef and academyfolks, it says sheriff i take a step, i think that’show.

It comes up text me, but i’ve been offeringyou to consume with you, because i realize zoom isactually easier, get more comfortable. I talk to youand. I share my story and all that i can even showyou my website and stuff. I do so. If you find thatyou, you are not being allowed to join it.

I canshow you other options. You can see my website,, there’s so many things i promote, but forthis series. I want to focus on just this programand. This is a program.

It’S called thebusiness builder success. Challengethe business builder challenge: it’s actuallychallenge business builder challenge 15 days takes15 days and it was built or created by a gentlemanwho, has a very inspiring story, actually becausefrom being addicted to drugs. To creating thislet me read what they say about him right, herehe’s, the instructor. His name is dave, schaubdavid chap and he’s the founder of reading, thefounder and ceo of legendary marketer and he’s theleading the charge as ceo of legendary marketerand, which is a nine-year digital marketing. Vetwho has founded three million dollar companieseducated over five hundred thousand students, but ithink.

It’S ma many many more. This was uh some timeago uh students worldwide and was quoted by folksas one of the masterminds of this industry. Andwhat has he done. He has created this 15, the 15-dayonline business builder challenge, and this is whati’m going to be quoting like as we i’m goingto. Take you through.

As i go through this seriesthe challenge, i’ll, be discussing a few points, fromthere and adding my two cents. They were those ofyou who followed me doing the richard booksand casual content, booster. What i was doingi was quoting uh robert kiyosaki, but i wasalso adding my own little series. If you don’tknow my egg right now, i’m 54 54 years old i’vegone through life life is ups and downs. I knowa couple of things so i’ll be sharing as we gothrough this challenge, because i finished it nowit’s time for me to take action so as i’m takingaction i’ll, be i’m going to go back to the jewday one, that’s 15 days.

So, as i go throughday one i’ll explain: what’s going on insideeither one and on uh, what’s going on in day, oneand i’ll be sharing my own tips and what i’veseen? What works? What doesn’t so my intentionright now is to invite you to try this outespecially if you’re in the countries ofboth countries where it is like usa, uk uhcanada uae, but actually there are morecountries in there. So until you try itlike to try to pay seven dollars, you can’t reallyi can’t tell you all the countries that areaccepted are not accepted. You try if it fails, theni’ll consider i’ll i’ll share.

Other things youcan see on my website. I have so many things: thatpromote. Okay, you can uh ask to be on zoom with mei’ll. Show you the different options. You saysay, if you can’t promote this unless there’sthis, is that it’s that okay, just ask to text meyou say: let’s, let’s consume, they just refuse methey.

Don’T want me to be in this challengebecause of the country. The country and alsoi have something else. I’M thinking about, but imentioned this in my recent drive. How about wejust show dave chef that we are so interested inthis so that maybe you can rob him to open it upwith those countries that are blocked because theyhave their reasons why they’re blocking them butif you create a really uh, like a community. Herewith me as we’re doing this: maybe you can contactto ask him to please open it up.

That’S one of theother missions. I have assume you are interested sogo watch when you post an email, you watch me firstactually. I talk about it a little bit then i sendyou to dave see what he talks about if it soundslike something you like, and especially as i saidtalk about it here. My next video not today maybeyou say you know what i want to be part of thatthen. You go make a strong group.

We say how manydays, how many people do you need to open this upmaybe he’ll open it up for you, okay, so this iswhat, the 15-day online business builder challengeis up about what he writes about it. I think he’snever wrote it or someone else. Let’S meet withwhat, i found it says. The 15-day online businessbuilder challenge is an action-oriented experiencethat will prepare you to start a business andbegin earning money online in 15 days, thereis, nothing else like this. The 15-day challengewill save you countless hours weeks months, evenyears from sifting through the insane of a lot ofinformation online from shady sources will giveyou a powerful training video each day along withpurposeful assignments, to come to complete alongwith a business plan advisor who will personallyhelp you develop your Business plan and get itinto action by day 15 you’ll be equipped.Start Your Own Business Online | Home Based Business Ideas 2022

Withknowledge must take years to gain a clear businessplan and the confidence to put it into action, sogo ahead and start the reason i wanted to read: itbecause. It’S thought that they could. I thinkdave wrote that the creator’s own words andi’m a witness. I’Ve done it. I’Ve gone through itit’s, a lot of information.

That’S why i want tobe here like adding my two cents, especially ifyou. Don’T have a pro about starting a businessor done online and if i see that you may benefitfrom another one, they call partner with anthonyi could say you know what goes through thepoint of the answer. Trying the basics beforeyou continue with this one, although you can reallycontinue with this one and it’s just seven dollarsand after that, you can promote for free nowpartner. With anthony i like to compare themis seven dollars, you could pay every monthbut this one. You can be a free, affiliatewhich means he allows you.

Your only job is tofinish the challenge you have to finish it ifyou, don’t finish, you don’t allow it so because hewants you to have the basics, you know the basicsand, then you start promoting and it has becausei’ve been around. I’Ve been around. These programsit has all the advantagesdefined in other programs. Becausehe has high ticket what i call high ticket. Whereyou are high ticket.Start Your Own Business Online | Home Based Business Ideas 2022

Those people want to earnlike commissions of, like one thousand dollarsyou still have and like one thousand dollarsor the not ticket you want like that. Sevendollar challenge. That’S a lot ticket and thenhe has others like thirty dollars and all thatso. You decide where you want to fall and you canpromote using just social media. You may wonderhow.

Am i going to do this? Social media is one ofthem, but the people who use money – you just useads facebook, ads instagram ads to promote thisi’ve, tried everything. That’S why i want you to behere. You can ask me i’ll say that one don’t trythat. Google can use google to promote, but all youhave to do is promote other people’s products.

Andearn a commission, that’s what i do, but then youcan also you join this. If you are like a coach forme, i’m just an affiliate marketer, but it can be acomplete like digital marketing, wider and also youcould, be a coach. If you’re a coach – and you wantto build this as a real, solid business, they hopeyou do that, and those of you want to promote highticket like mastermind and all that, but for me ichoose after marketing, because i like to promoteother companies, many companies, if you go to Mywebsite you see that i’m promoting other companiesnot just this. This is just one of them: okay, i’mrumbling a lot in this one, but when i come backin fact i’m going to those those people saw meon my board, the next video i’ll be on my boardlike. Writing.

Writing here then i’ll start withthe one i’ve got that one and pick out thepoints pick out the points and i’ll continueto invite you that come join me. Let’S learn thisbecause, like robert circuit, says, inter businessis the way to go to to just freedom. That’S howwe’re gon na get to freedom like when you learnall these. All you have to do is set it up. Setit up.

It’S all automated! You can see my simplethings that are put together already becauseuh, like if you put your email, another animal isgonna come back to you and another one will comelike things automatically, so you learn to do thatdo it like that, and you can sell physical productsor courses. It’S up to you and if you’re, a muslimlike me halal, halal income, because what you haveyou can promote, just causes can promote. Thingsthat, you know are lawful uh according to israelyou, don’t want to sell alcohol, you don’t wantto, sell uh things like that. You don’t want to beinvolved in interest stuff, you choose you decideso, the next time i come back i’ll, be starting thechallenge and we’re going to go through it slowlyusing my two cents, also adding them in and theni’ll keep continuing so right now there is a linkbelow go Check it out when you click you put yourlink, you watch me, i wear this below intentionallyyou will see me wearing blue over there on myvideo, explaining and taking it.

He also explainswatch out for an email from me. Sharifah it has amy phone number is actually even on the learningpage. When you go text me text me, if you want me onzoom, it’s free, i don’t charge any money. I’M here ii have i’m on sort of semi-retirement, so i havethe time day and night doesn’t matter how manyyears a time difference. I can do it at night.

Rightnow, i’m recording this at what time 8 pm, i’m hererecording. I can talk to you anytime, you when youchoose. It takes me all the time. Okay, that’s like aram rambling, but in summary, i want to invite youto learn how to create your own business. Onlinedo it from home start with yes, seven dollars i’llbe here to support you.

They’Ll be able to supportyou the harvard community and uh. It’S beautifulyou can choose from health wealth relationshipwe’ll talk about all that in detail, but for nowthat’s it. I hope you found somebody in that idon’t know, because i didn’t really. I said todaylet me first introduce that we are going to startthis series and then the next time i come this islike every wednesday every wednesday, i’m here likethree days a week. I just changed my schedule.

Sowednesday will be the day for this. This wednesdaywe’ll be talking about money, tips, business tipslike. What uh these update marketing tips but theni also do youtube tips on monday, and i come liveon sunday for motivation and success habits. Okayagain. My name is sheriff nakama.

If you like anyof these uh click on the uh. On the like buttonlike, it share it. Invite more people, remember thegoal, to create this big community, so uh dev canopen up this. This good good course online programthis challenge to many more people, because rightnow many countries are blocked so share it. Invitemore people, let’s create a community around herethe next time, you see me make sure i click onthe bell.

The next time you see me come throughwith this blue. Hopefully it will be blue, imight change it, but it’s still blue rightnow. It’S what i’m using click on it. Come join, meokay and leave a comment for me: what do you thinkwant to start a business online business don’tworry? It doesn’t have to be big at the beginningjust, a side thing you do and it could be.

You couldbe surprised you could create a real business, withpassive income and that’s freedom. That’S what icall it leave a message for leave a comment for meand, don’t forget to click and go watch me. Firstthere is a video by me and then dave and don’tforget to contact me and don’t forget to comeback, because this is going to be every week i keeprecording and adding them. I can always end them. Isay, take very good care of yourself.

Take very goodcare of your families take very good care of yourhealth. I lost my voice because of reading the booki lost my voice, but i still have to record uh yeahi i’ll come again take a step to a better. You bye Read More Ideas for a home based business online, working on autpilot