Featured School of the Week June 24, 2007: National Personal Training institute

If you’re seeking an exciting career as a certified personal trainer, then National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) can give you the necessary skills and education to achieve your professional goals. Once you’ve enrolled at the National Personal Training Institute, prepare yourself for a comprehensive training program that consists of 500 hours of in-depth training for fitness centers, says Lou Monacello, partner at National Personal Training Institute. “We provide total personal training (for students) to be a great personal trainer,” he adds. “No national school can offer that; and with national placement and curriculum, the whole country is starting to follow.”

The National Personal Training Institute gives students the knowledge and ability to control their career destiny. “[Graduates can become] entrepreneurs on cruise ships, in hospitals, chiropractor offices, physical therapist clinics, and independently, having their own studios,” Monacello says. Offering 24 campus locations throughout the United States, each campus provides the same curriculum. Candidates who are seeking a flexible schedule can participate in National Personal Training Institute’s six-month program that extends both day and evening courses. In addition, if students prefer to pursue weekend studies, National Personal Training Institute offers a one-year certified personal training program comprised of Saturdays and monthly Sunday classes; among other options.

Monacello emphasized National Personal Training Institute’s rigorous curriculum. “We teach 200 hours of practical training, which no other school does,” he explains. “(In our) weight training – everyday you come to class you’re going to sweat.” In addition to hands-on training, students are taught important legal guidelines and business management, about health screening and fitness, cardio respiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, communication and teaching, flexibility and stretching, human anatomy and physiology, Nutrition, musculoskeletal injuries, emergency procedures, injury rehab, personal training advertising and marketing, CPR and first aid, among other studies.

Upon successful completion, graduates are awarded certifications as NPTI Certified Personal Trainer ®, NPTI Certified Nutritional Consultant ®, and in CPR/First Aid. In addition to its comprehensive training program, National Personal Training Institute provides supplementary seminars and a student/alumni support system. “(Our) biggest amenity is a great reputation; and a lot of people use our placement services throughout their lifetime,” says Monacello.

National Personal Training Institute campuses are individually licensed by respective State Education Departments, and participate in financial assistance programs like Sallie Mae student loans and in-house financing. recognizes National Personal Training Institute and applauds its quality standards in providing professional personal training education. If you would like more information about this fine institute, please visit National Personal Training Institute today.

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