Slow Down and Learn the Basics. 3 Ways to Be a Success With Information Marketing

There are certain topics that the seasoned information marketers take for granted and when communicating with newbies, they tend to forget the advantages they have. Welcome to the third installment of Common Knowledge among Internet Marketers.

When you’re a newbie to internet marketing, you come on full bore with the “I’m gonna make a boatload of money from the web” attitude.

You think you can do it all, make a killing, and be on easy street in, say, six-twelve months.

The best advice?

Slow down and learn the basics.

Here are the last three subjects in this series that you should seriously look at to ensure your online success.

1. Drive traffic:

Learning how to drive traffic to whatever website you are promoting, whether it’s your own, an affiliate product, or AdSense ads, is the most important thing you need to learn.

If you were in college to get a 4 year degree in ‘Successfully Making Money On The Internet’, the subject of marketing would be covered 3 out of the 4 years. It’s that important.

What’s the point of spending all your time creating a fantastic product and website if no one knows it’s there and no one visits or buys it?

That’s like throwing a New Year’s Eve Party in Central Park and not inviting your guests.

Take the time to look at and learn the many ways to drive traffic to your website(s) and product(s).

Some methods are completely free but some can drive you to the poor farm rather quickly. Decide which ones appeal to you and give you the best results while taking up the least of your time.

Here are just a few ways to drive traffic:

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) (can be spendy) Buy ad space in newsletters (not quite as spendy) Have an affiliate program and let them drive traffic for you (cheap) Comment on blogs (free) Comment on forums with your link in your sig (free) Article marketing (free, depending on which you submit to) Participate in giveaways (free, unless you upgrade)

2. Have a mentor.

When you’re a newbie to information marketing, you can, like most, struggle, trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.

One way to speed up the learning curve is to have a mentor. This can simply be another person whom you have gotten to know who also does information marketing that you respect and have been following.

Watch what they do, what they say in their emails and how they say it, how their websites are set up, what business model they follow, etc.

Another option for a mentor is to contact a favorite online marketer and ask them a few questions.

Pick someone who’s emails you have been reading and who you believe is approachableBusiness Management Articles, not someone who is so successful that they won’t have time to talk to you. Perhaps that person has a coaching program that you could invest in.

Many newbie marketers use this particular method and find that their successes come much quicker.

3. Outsource.

It’s not so hard to get things done when you’re first starting out. But what happens if you run into something you don’t know how to do?

Should you spend (waste) countless hours trying to figure it out? Or spend (invest) $25 to have someone set it up for you in 10 minutes?…