Skills Development Training for Women in India

‘Change is the only thing which is permanent’ rightly said. The development of any country depends on the skills of the youth and hence the continuous improvement in skills is mandatory.

As India is transforming into diversified economy, which is gaining a name and fame on an international level, hence working on skill development has become the need of the hour to make sure a high-paced growth as it is amongst the defining element. Initially, the relationship between education, employment and skills development is to be redefined. Keeping in mind that as India has a very large population, it would be challenging to up skill all of its youth across the country via conventional educational framework and hence here comes in the need of Training Programs. An easy way to operate this is by segregating the target audience into males and females.

“Women training is more important than any other task as in India approximately 48% of the total population in the country are women, however in the employment market, out of the 459.1 million employed population in 2004-2005, women are only about 148 million.  Even of this, only about 5 million women are in organized sector, while remaining 143 million are in un-organized sector.”

Recent years have visualized a boom in the industries of the country and hence has raised a heavy demand for skilled manpower specifically in manufacturing and service sectors resulting in a huge number of employment opportunities offered. Skill training is the base to explore any opportunity offered by any expanding / growing economy and also provides a helping hand to up skill the unskilled and semiskilled youth employable.

With an intention to train the rural / unskilled youth with  adequate capacity to face and gear up to encounter with the challenges thrown by the market and acquire gainful employment, the  Tamil Nadu government has started with the  Youth Skill Training in the year 2006-07 which is running  successfully implemented during the last four years. To understand the effectiveness of training programs in India, a lot of serious / rigorous research is required.

Agreeing to the fact that the procedure of social development cannot happen without considering the requirements, interests and perspectives of both males and females; men & women alike; and keeping in mind the situation and phase women are going through,  gender inequalities and inequities that existedFree Reprint Articles, special gender specific programmes were specially designed and implemented to bring women into mainstream economic activities.