Self Improvement Tips for Overcoming Obstacles Part 1


It is not uncommon to find people who respond differently to the very same situation. For example, when any of us are held in a heavy traffic, most of us would react with frustration, anger etc. while few might handle the situation with strength. The manner in which we deal with even minor incidents have great impact on the progress we make in our lives and determine how we overcome the obstacles to achieve the progress. A life coach can help to deepen the self-understanding of your self. If you feel that it is difficult to handle it all by yourself, then it is time you seek the help of a personal development coach. Now letÂ’s discuss feelings and emotions, and itÂ’s relevance to overcoming obstacles.What is the Impact of your Emotions?Can our emotions play a vital role in our life? Well yes, and many times. Too often their impact is overlooked. If you can fill your days with positive emotions, it will increase your resilience against challenges. In order to gain happiness in our lives, you must focus everyday on the moments in your life to nurture the positive emotions. These moments of your emotions cause positive emotions to flourish enabling you to overcome the obstacles with an open mind. Remain claim and collective in a tough situations and take control of it. This steps you forward on the path of self improvement.Do Pay Attention to Your Feelings?Most humans are simply consumed with thoughts. They are too concerned about their past and future lives. They hardly pay attention to the goodness that exists in their lives today. Maybe today, it’s recognizing something as simple as the kindness showed to one by a friend, or it could be the beautiful things that nature has laid just out outside the window, etc. You must make it necessary act to identify your feelings.  Remain open and flexible to it. Instead of blogging down your focusing on bigger issues of the future, it is wise to appreciate the good things we find in our daily lives, even though these experience may appear small. A life coach can greatly help to ramp up your improvement focus in your personal and professional life.What Your Feeling’s Level Today?Can you recall an experience that created low level feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt etc., and made you lose control. Well once you have identified your feelings, it is time to rate them. The key is to rate the intensity of your feelings on an emotional scale is from zero to ten (zero indicates no low level emotions and ten indicates the most intense positive emotional feelings). Develop techniques to free yourself from the low level emotions by reminding yourself that you are not going to lose control but instead take charge of the situation. When you master the process of strengthening your feelings and emotion, you will notice that the level of your negative emotions will go down the scale. It is okay to feel sad when you experience a tough situation but do not let this transform into emotional fear. It will hinder your Self Improvement and make you find it difficult to move forward in your life.In ConclusionWe all have faced obstacles in our life at some point in time or the other. It is the attitude of the your self and the measures taken by them to overcome those obstacles that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Check out part 2, Self Improvement Tips for Overcoming Obstacles.

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