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We all want to live successful and happy lives, but for those suffering from a low self-esteem this can be incredibly difficult. However miserable and worthless you may feel, there are many ways that you can raise your self-esteem and in turn greatly improve your quality of life. Here are a few ways that you can help yourself to achieve this.Your first step is to think positively about your past achievements. Now don`t just drop your shoulders and say you haven`t had any, everyone has! However small and insignificant it may seem, it is a success that you have achieved and should be thought of with pride. Also focus on the positive aspects of your life and think about what it is that makes your life worthwhile. Don`t accept negative experiences as normal and expect everything to go badly, every one of them will have something positive to be gained from them.This part can be very difficult for some people but go with me, now focus on the things that you like about yourself. YES, there is something, don`t tell me that there isn`t! It could be your kind nature, your eyes or your legs, and your family and friends obviously think there is a lot about you to like so think outside the box and look at yourself from their point of view. If there are parts of yourself that you really dislike, is there any way that you can change them? If there isn`t, then acceptance is the key. This is part of you and goes towards making you the unique individual that you are. Who wants to be like everybody else?We are our own worse critics, and for those with low self-esteem that inner voice is booming with negativity. That voice should be giving you constructive criticism and not finding fault with you. Spend as much time with people who are strong and positive, negative people create a negative vibe. Supportive people will raise your self-esteem by embracing you in their nurturing and positive environment. Never compare yourself with others and rate yourself against others. There will always be those who have more than you, and there will always be those who have less. Always think that the glass if half full instead of half empty, and be grateful for what you have got as there are those who are an awful lot worse off. If you aren`t good at a hobby or sport, this isn`t meant for you. Give it up and find one that you are good at, your confidence and self-esteem will soar once you find your niche.Take a good look at your best qualities; you may be kind or gentle, a good listener, a good friend or be very loving. These, and many more, are attributes to be proud of and the world would be a better place if everyone had your qualities. Try and make a space for yourself in your home which is a haven from the outside world and a place where you can totally relax. Surround yourself with special thing such as good music, books and even people if they make you feel good. Your final step to raising your self-esteem is to forgive yourself when you don`t accomplish something and move on. Chances are that you have set your goals unrealistically high, so adjust them to suit you. A negative experience can easily be turned into a positive one with the right attitude.I hope these ideas will help you to raise your self-esteem. Remember we are all unique individuals with different abilities. Once you accept who you are and what you are capable of, your life will much improve.

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