Sales Training & Business Growth

Selling can be a wonderful profession when approached positively, constructively, and ethically. Getting the best out of your sales people can be a challenge, but by employing the right techniques and the right sales training it can move your business in the right direction.

Sales training plays an important role in many businesses. It can make an extraordinary difference to your business and to your profits. By investing in your sales people they will invest in your business. It is people that drive your business forwards, put it at a standstill or put it in reverse. by investing in sales training you can watch your team develop, self motivate, and reap personal rewards.

Sales Training is all about understanding people. What drives them, what motivates them, what influences them? How can you motivate ordinary people to do extra ordinary things, with commitment, self worth and great results? How can teams make full use of all their personal resources?

It is important to employ up to date psychological tools such as SHARP in your sales training programmes. SHARP is a powerful, executive level diagnostic and planning tool that enables intact sales organisations to assess and improve their overall effectiveness in corporate sales, sales support infrastructure and ‘Go-To-Market’ performance.

For effective sales training you need a provider with a range of development skills and business experience. You need a provider that has the passion to make individuals and teams grow and succeed. If you choose Leap Plc, your employees will receive innovative sales training events that are based on fundamental psychological principles. This works to enhances teambuilding, goal acheivement, employee motivation and business growth!

PJ Stevens is a top UK trainer from Leap Plc. His sales training courses are outstanding and have been transforming sales teams for over twelve years. LEAP Plc offer Outstanding Teamwork Programmes, motivational events, team building programmes and sales and management training in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


LEAP can provide a professional sales training service to help you, your people and your business in many ways including team buildingPsychology Articles, problem solving and goal achievement. 


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