Roofing – How To Purchase Materials


When it comes to roofing, there are quite a few options worth
considering. With these options come differences in costs, designs,
durability and functionality. In this article, we will provide a few
tips on how to go about purchasing your roofing materials in order to
obtain the result you’ve been dreaming of.

Step 1 – Know your area. Find the square footage that you have to work
with. This applies to the surface area of the roof itself, rather than
the area of the home below. Though this number will vary house to house,
you can assume that it will generally be roughly 110 to 130% of the
living space footage.

Step 2 – Figure out what type of material you’re interested in using.
This decision will be based on your budget and the design you’re after.
The most common and cost effective material is asphalt shingles, whereas
other options to consider include wood, slate and metal. Take a look at
homes in your area to find out what option best suits your needs.

Step 3 – Go shopping. Grab the family and head on over to the various
home centers to view the different options you have available to you.
Most asphalt shingles will be graded by the guarantee that comes with
them from the manufacturer, which is generally between 20 and 50 years.
Some pricier options have longer guarantees and a more unique
appearance. Slate and wood materials come in a wide range of options.
Slate comes in manufactured and natural as well as different colors for

Step 4 – Discuss your options with your roofing contractor prior to
making your purchase. You want to be sure that your contractor is
experienced in the type of material you are interested and be able to
provide information regarding the cost of the finished project, which
tend to vary greatly between materials. Likewise, you’ll want to be sure
that you are working with a contractor whom you can trust and is
confident that they will be able to provide you with the results you are
looking for.

Step 5 – Read reviews online regarding different manufactures and
materials and see how they stack up against other options you are
considering. Remember that the cheapest option may be the most cost
effective choice for the time, but if the materials are not well suited
for your environment, you may end up having to pay more in the long run.
If the materials you are interested in are out of your price range,
find out if financing is available, or consider the possibility of
holding off on the project until you are able to raise the funds.

Step 6 – Before you place your order, shop around to find out whether
you are able to obtain your materials for a cheaper price. Hop online
and check out discount roofing sites in hopes of finding something a
little more affordable. Chances are that you can easily save yourself a
good amount of money by putting an additional half hour into the

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