Relationship Marketing and Your Home Based Business

In being able to develop your sales approach, you must also know exactly what you are doing with your home based business.  If you cannot articulate your business to others, then relationship marketing will do you know good.  You have to know how your home based business is going to be able to help the consumer meet his or her needs.  It is absolutely imperative that you list “making a profit” as one of your purposes.  Trying to make a profit is not a sin, it is a necessity to stay in business, so no one should fault you for it as long as you are making a profit by honest means.  And in relationship marketing, you promote your business through the relationship to enhance trust, so being honest is important.

Also, you need to be businesslike and professional when building your business through relationship marketing.  The relationship side of this marketing style does not mean that your clients have to be your best friends, just that you need to develop a rapport with them that promotes communication – business communication.  Other relationships could develop, but the relationship must start off as businesslike so that the sales side of relationship marketing is not compromised.

Your actions should always be in accordance with your business’s best interests, too.  Ask yourself that question when making decisions.  In relationship marketing, you may believe that doing something special for a client will enhance your business and building that relationship and future sales.  However, the act could be seen by the client as more of a personal favor.  Always weigh the benefits of the action for your business before making a decision.  Despite your ability to develop the sale through relationship marketing, though, understand that some clients will try to use the relationship to manipulate or take advantage of you.  So always ask yourself the question before making any decisions

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