Reasons for Motivation-based Training as Shar Pei Training

Shar Pei Training is a long-winded system that asks for loads of patience, aside from demanding that the teaching method be more consistent. The trainer’s simple commands and short learning sessions all need to be practiced and put into action. For better results in the case of puppies, training needs to start even when the pups are still six months old.

While shar peis are without a doubt brainy and quick to pick up on lessons, the training will need your focus and concentration to be successful, which explains the harping over care and consistency. A Shar Pei with a positive and optimistic personality is indeed a gem to own. At the start, the more faint-hearted trainer will feel frustration at the dog, and vice versa too. But this is to be expected, so among the solutions is to keep the lessons short, and to give time for the dog to absorb what is being taught.

Use simple commands as a key shar pei training technique. “Sit” and “play” are easier to commit to memory, compared to longer commands like “sit down here, puppy” or “stay over there, do not move.” A second tip in order to put in place good manners is to is to reward the puppy immediately whenever he behaves well. Certainly something more effective that punishing for bad behavior is to praise good behavior when you see it. Shar pei puppies are strongly inclined to please their owners, so they are always eager to show what they learned. Rewarding your puppy will make it want to perform the same good behavior again and again, and this can be the basis of a Shar Pei obedience training.

In terms of serious schooling, a puppy can gain a lot by being enrolled in puppy kindergarten or socialization classes, where they can pick up more good manners, and where they can be helped to tame their excitement when meeting other dogs and people. In the case of an adult dog, he could be helped by a shar pei training class meant to keep him mentally stimulated. In any case, the sooner the classes can start, the better, although the ideal age for a pup to begin is six months.

When you think your dog is ready for classes, you may want to consider the motivation-based shar pei training over the traditional training so that you can focus more on building a positive relationship with your dog. The traditional method is an entirely different approach and focuses more on preventing the dog from doing undesirable behavior.