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It’s always sad when someone dies. Death is never something that is welcomed with open arms, unless the deceased has been in a lot of pain or something like that. Death is inevitable and cannot be avoided. And if you are left behind, it’s likely that you will experience a grief like no other. But, eventually, the pain will begin to subside and the scars will heal. In some cases, you may even inherit property. There’s only one catch in this situation and that is if the property is not free and clear.If this is the case and you aren’t sure whether or not you own the property outright or if there are other claims to it, you should file for a quiet title. This is an easy process if you understand what you will have to do, and you should not wait to undertake it. The quicker you get it handled, the quicker you can enjoy your property and your memories of your loved one.First, you will need to hire a title company. This is a company that will perform a search to find out whether or not anyone else has laid claim to the property. Other claims might include liens or other roadblocks that might deter you from achieving your goal. Any of these other claims are commonly referred to as “clouds” and can range in seriousness, depending on their legitimacy and intensity. When you hire a plaintiff to represent your quiet titles case, remember that the case is not built on the strength of the other claims but rather, it is built on the strength of your claim. Therefore, it is a good idea to assess the strength of your claim before you proceed with the case. You can judge your claim against other claims to the title for a frame of reference. Bear in mind that most of these cases run about $1,200.Thirdly, you want to be sure that you know the laws in the state and the county in which you will be filing your quiet titles. You must be able to prove ownership of the property in question in order to be able to file the lawsuit. As soon as you know that there are other claims to the title, hire an attorney and get him or her to begin the process with your local courts. Be aware that this process can take anywhere from four to six months, and you should not get discouraged if results do not come in as quickly as you would like.Finally, once the quiet title claim has been processed, you become the plaintiff in the case and it is your responsibility to both name and notify all known claimants. You must also put a notice in the paper and on the property so that any unknown claimants can step forward. Once this is done, the courts will deliberate and make a decision. This can take any number of days but should not take more than six months.Inheriting a property is a big moment and can be difficult if there are other claims to the title. However, with these quiet titles actions, you will be able to gain ownership and start enjoying your new digs in no time.

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