Promote Your Ebook in 4 Easy Ways

Promoting an ebook to boost sales and reach a wider audience is a daunting task and should not be taken for granted. There are a number of ways by which authors can successfully promote their ebook to do just that. Here are 4 ways to consider when promoting your ebook.

All of the hours you’ve spent on publishing your book are absolutely pointless if you don’t put forth just as much effort in marketing and promoting your finished masterpiece. There’s so much traffic in both online and offline media, and getting attention for you book can surely turn out to be a herculean task. So if you’ve just completed your book and do not know what to do next, here are a few guidelines to help you promote your ebook effectively.


Launch your own digital house

To promote your ebook effectively you have to invest in building a good brand, and this is synonymous with developing a good digital marketing strategy. You can never market your ebook effectively if you’re not active on social media and blogs. Before marketing your book, create a website that includes a blog functionality (WordPress is great for this). Also, create some profiles in popular social media sites, if you don’t have them already. After this, schedule a few hours of your day for blogging and engaging with people via social media. Write a blog post about your book and post a few intriguing snippets about your book on Facebook or Twitter to get the buzz out.  

Reviews are vital

Book reviews are a big part of promoting your ebook online and getting them are absolutely vital to a successful marketing campaign.  Whether it is online reviews or the offline ones, these reviews are an integral part of ebook marketing.  For offline reviews, try sending a copy to local papers and magazines that focus on the same special-interest subject area as your book. For online reviews you can solicit friends and family on various social media platforms.  Increasing the amount book reviews will improve the book’s visibility and can ultimately lead to more sales.

Shoot a video

Readers love to watch personalized videos from their favorite authors because it gives them a chance to see the person behind the book. So, another thing you can do to promote your ebook successfully is to shoot a video.  In the video, talk about why you feel your book would be of interest to readers and tell them what they can expect to gain by reading it.  You can also read aloud a few exerts from your book, and don’t forget to share a link of your ebook at the end of video.

Give away freebies

Nothing attracts customers more than freebies. Thus, if you want to increase the visibility of your book and you want people to read it, give away copies for free. There can remarkable hidden benefits in giving away free copies of your book. You never know, your book may end up in the hands of an influential person who’s interested in ordering several copies to destitute to his/her staff for training purposes.  So instead of thinking of every book you give away as money lost, try thinking of every book you don’t give away as opportunity lost.

Following these few suggested strategies can help you promote your ebook successfullyPsychology Articles, increase your reader base and ultimately increase your sales.