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When it’s time to meet licensing update requirements, there are some popular subjects available for online CEUs LCSW. Those that work in the counseling field must meet a minimum number of units in ongoing education in order to keep current in their field. This is important for clients, patients, and the therapists themselves. Without updated information, the clients and patients would be treated with yesterday’s treatment methods. Without ongoing coursework, a counselor would be lacking the tools needed to be the most effective practitioner possible. Learning new things about the human psyche and human wellness is helpful, too, to keep the clinician feeling vibrant, positive, and energized. New information can give anyone a new lease on life. When a person’s career is one that gives constantly to patients and clients, he or she can become depleted emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here are some of the online CEUs LCSW professionals are finding very helpful:- Grief Counseling: When clients experience a loss, they will go through a grief process that can be as painful as a physical injury. The typical process has sometimes been referred to as DABDA. These initials stand for denial, anger, bartering, depression, and acceptance. Learning about all the current research and ways to help people move through this successfully can help a clinician in his or her practice.- Eating disorders: Many patients have eating disorders that have become a way to cope with their feelings of being out of control. Typical eating disorders are bulimia and anorexia. These can be difficult to overcome and can wreak havoc on a person’s body and life. When a therapist learns how to guide these clients to use other coping devices, everyone heals.- Borderline personality disorder: There are various types of BPD that can manifest in a client. Borderline characteristics can keep a person from being successful in his or her world, socially, economically, and physically. Helping those who suffer with BPD as well as their family members requires constant updates in knowledge for therapists.- Addictions: In the modern world, addictions run the gamut including spending, shopping, gambling, alcohol, food, drugs, sex, and any number of others. While most products would be healthy in moderation, when taken to a compulsive degree, lives fall apart. Having current tools to help these clients is a marvelous thing.- Family counseling: The family is a complicated structure. Each member of the family is like a chime in a set of wind chimes. When something happens with one of them, it affects the whole group. If they’re blown around by the wind too much, they may fall apart or come crashing to the ground. Providing families with effective therapeutic treatments is good for them and the world.When a person has chosen the career of counseling and psychological treatment for patients and clients, online CEUs LCSW focused on specific research can be a convenient and helpful method of gaining knowledge. Rather than going to an on-site training program, being able to learn and keep one’s licensure up to date is a valuable option for practicing therapists.

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