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Interval training is effective, but you should pay a price for it. Since it is usually carried out on the track, the scenery is monotonous, and you have to run over and over again.  Kenneth Doherty remarked that neither the twitter of birds could be heard, nor could beach, sea and sky be seen during the interval training. Especially when you do exercise alone, you can’t help relaxing and hence lose interest.By the way, before you lay a solid foundation for long-distance race, try not the interval training. This is a laborious exercise. Only if you have a robust body that you will be injured. Be sure to make your body adequately prepared before the interval exercise. You’d better jog for 2 miles or 1 mile at least. Interval exercise may not be made more than twice a week, and do not make the mileage you run under the interval training account for over 4 percent of the total mileage you run.I do not recommend any practical plans on purpose. I am familiar with a marathon runner who runs back and forth 20 times in his 220-yard-distance exercise in 35 seconds 2 days per week. We have just seen that Rogers runs much further. You might think that there is one suitable for you of the two distance. No matter what choice you make, you have to be patient and it will bear fruit in 3 months at least.Fartlek training method is a Swedish word which means running fast. Fartlek training method is what it means. It is named by Costa Homer, the main coach from Swedish team of 1948 Olympic Games, which means to run fast at different distances and terrain excluding the time. Though the speed varies with the individual, the aim is always the same: to get good exercise and be interesting as well.In the book How Do They Exercise, Raoul Marlette wrote: Fartlek training method is perhaps the most fascinating discovery in terms of exercise since earlier this decade. It gives us the access to the forest scenery and form, so to speak, a delightful way of exercise. Fartlek training method includes both walking and jogging in the forest, sprint as well, and therefore take the track-and-field sports on a completely new look. There is no doubt that one who leads an ordinary sedentary life will produce a sense of nostalgia as long as he or she imagines running barefoot on the soft moss land along the lake which the waters and the skies merge in one color in the forest. Facing the picturesque beautiful scenery, athletes’ motion will be rose up uncontrollably.


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