Personal Development And PMA

The life you have now is in direct proprtion to your attitude towrds your life, yourself and others. Attitude is everything. People with an exteremly negative outlook on life tend to live lives that are dissatisfactory and unhappy. People who complain and moan about things in their life tend to attract more things to moan about!

If you have a recurring problem in your life you should take a very close look at your attitude towards it. Do you complain about it? Do you resign yourself to it? Do you EXPECT it to keep occurring? The following personal development technique can help.

Take a close look at the things in your life that are not working. Are these not the very things that you complain about? Are these not the things that you expect to be not working. When you focus on the problem and direct your mental efforts towards it you are in fact re-creating the problem and maybe even creating more problems. Without even going into the universal law of attraction, from a very practical viewpoint you are projecting to others what you expect from them and life. People tend to respond to this, albeit unconsciously, and give you what you expect!

Asking yourself appropriate questions is the fastest and easiest way to completely transform your life and attitude. When you encounter a recurring problem you will find that you make statements such as “not again!”, or “this always happens to me”, or “I just knew that would happen!” You also find that the questions you ask yourself also reflect the problem itself and not the solution. You may ask questions such as “why does this always happen to me”, “when is this going to stop happening”, or “how long do I need to keep going through this”, or “why can’t I get past this”, or “why can’t I find a decent partner (job, home, career etc.).

These questions focus your mind on the problem and your mind is forced to answer the questions in a negative way. You may then have thoughts such as “because it’s my bad luck”, then your mind goes into a spin and recalls all the bad luck you have had. You may answer “there are no good men/women left” so your mind goes into a spin recalling just how many good people are married and how many “bad” people are left. Your subconscious mind is then on the look-out for people and situations that reinforce this belief and it then alerts you once it finds them.

The key to reversing this downward negative cycle lies in the way you speak to yourself and others. Instead of making statements that reinforce the problem reverse your outlook. Tell yourself “things are getting better” no matter how unrealistic this seems at first just keep telling yourself this. Instead of saying things such as “this always happens to me”, or “I just knew that would happen!” tell yourself “everything happens for a reason” or “I will learn from this and move forward”.

Do not say things like “this will never happen again” or “I am through with this problem” because you are still focused on the problem! Keep your focus always on the solution!

Ask yourself questions in a positive way that supports the outcome you want and not the problem itself. This is a very powerful yet extremely easy thing to do that will dramatically transform your attitude and your life!

Try asking positive questions that require a constrctive positive answer such as “do I need to learn something from this experience and if so what is it?”, or “how can I best deal with this so that I achieve what I want?”, or “where should I look and what should I do to attract the right partner for me?”

Asking yourself the right questions will change how you view the situation and force your mind to search for answers. If your subconscious mind finds that it cannot supply you with the correct answers then it will diligently and tirelessly look for those answers through your life experiencesArticle Search, people you meet and siruations you encounter until it can answer what has been asked of it. Making statements that things are getting better forces the subconscious to look for things that reinforce that belief and alert you to them.

Believe it or not this approach will alter your entire perception of the world and your role in it. Before long you will find yourself becoming a much more positive person. You will gain insight into situations that in the past where perplexing and a constant irritation.

Try it and see!