Niche Affiliate Marketing: Why Brainstorming Is Essential?


I started affiliate marketing without a single penny, and I had to take care of my wife and two kids. I was in debt, but that never stopped me.One of my brothers even paid my rent, Internet connection and foods during three months! It was never in my intention to work for someone else. I am telling you this to show you that you too can become a successful affiliate marketer if you are serious and committed.I decided to show you another way to earn affiliate commissions without spending any money (except for your Internet connection!).Just follow this highly effective affiliate and proven marketing plan. It does work. The first thing you need to do is to brainstorm your site’s topic. It is the most important part of your affiliate business. Don’t overlook the few hours that you spend researching your niche, because this preparation will determine you affiliate business success.The very first thing you need to do before you even think about making money online…Generate 3 niche ideas based around a theme (examples: babies, dog training, laptop reviews…). When you start, I recommend picking a niche you are passionate about.If you have difficulties to choose your niche, read on…You may not know it yet, but I am sure that you have a passion, a special interest. You have or know something that many people would like to know. You have something that has a lot of value to others… something that others on researching on the Internet.Passion makes work fun and easy… So what are you waiting for? Share your passion.What do you love to talk or read about?What is your preferred hobby?What do you do for fun and games?What are your natural talents?What special knowledge have you learned from your job? What do you do day after day, without even thinking about it (taking care of your parents, gardening, teaching your children a second language…).If for any reason you don’t find a subject, ask to other people. You can ask your partner, family, friends, or colleagues. They know you more than you imagine, and they will be able to tell you exactly in which topic you excel.Let me give you an example… I was coaching someone from Belgium, and he was speaking three languages regularly and easily like any native speaker for any of these languages. After explaining to him the ABC of affiliate marketing and starting the road map, he told me that he was stuck, and couldn’t find anything he is an expert at!I told him listen: “You speak three languages without any difficulties and you tell me that your know nothing?”, I then suggested to him to build a translation website, or a site to help people to learn how to learn a new language. Later, he will be able to offer his services, and develop an extremely profitable business.

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