Network Marketing Internet Business Breakthrough

If you’re new, returning or currently in a home business, now is the time to be involved in a network marketing internet business. Find out why now is the best time ever! Access click-by-click coaching and training and gain skills in the use of social networking and content marketing, to reach targeted, interested people. You can create an independent website business using multi-streams of income to fund your cash-flow. Taking your home business online is simply going where people are looking! The latest ebook on network marketing internet business methods is available and sets-out how to operate online!

For a network marketing internet business a whole new world has opened-up! That ‘world’ is Web 2.0 social interactive sites! People are online… therefore network marketing needs to be where the interested people hang-out!

The Skills Required For Interactive Marketing

Are you a visual learner? If so… you will love the available click-by-click social marketing training on videos. You can learn ‘how to’ take the mystery out of using the likes of, writing blogs, squidoo lenses, hubpages, video marketing and many more Web 2.0 interactive tools. The arrival of and acceptance of these interactive methods has reinforced the ‘shift’ to a network marketing internet business.

The ‘time’ for network marketers could not be better. People are using these new Web 2.0 tools with gusto! The trend has gone from solely searching for pure relevant information in text… to adding interactive tools to listen to and read about targeted information… and adding your comments to that information.

Target Interested People

Unlike offline network marketing the internet allows you to target interested people. You can be specific in targeting people either for your business or your product. Generally never a good idea to mix them though. The real beauty is that only interested people put their hand up for more information on your network marketing internet business.

Using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, and squidoo lenses to display a ‘tiny url’ that takes people to a video… that delivers your message… is one excellent way of tageting people. If you are in the video and your messages directs viewers to your business… there’s a high chance they’ll visit your website. Video marketing is a powerful method, however it should be used with all the other content and social interactive marketing methods.

In targeting your specific person you need to have a web address and email address that reflects your target theme. So your website needs to also stay ‘on theme’ throughout. You can have a link to a landing page where you require your site-visitors to leave their first name and email address to subscribe to your newsletter. Their again your newsletter needs to stay on your target theme. In this manner targeted people will come from all your interactive marketing methods where only the truly interested people will join your subscriber list and seek further information on your network marketing internet business!

Create An Independent Website Business

Replicated websites as used by network marketing companies… are ineffective in a network marketing internet business! Plenty of people will tell you they are ineffective in offline NWM too. However they do have their use for members to place orders and check on teams etc. Apart from that… they are company promotion sites. To be effective on the internet… you have to promote yourself! Prospective business partners have to be ‘sold’ on you.

Therefore having your own content-powered information website is vital! That’s not all though… natural search will deliver a measure of site-traffic, however the use of other content marketing and social interactive marketing ensures good traffic numbers of pre-sold people. You create a real internet presence through your website, blog, squidoo lenses, hubpages, YouTube pages, sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, through article-writing, and press-releases.

Using the above together… you’ll attract the like-minded partners in business you need and plenty of them. This is the new direction in a network marketing internet business. That’s not all though… you do monetize your business and maintain cash-flow through various income sources unrelated to your network marketing.

How To Monetize Your Website Business

Having multi-streams of income is essential online! The internet is such that it lends itself to having multi-income sources that are related to your theme. People can come to your web-pages, blogs, or Squidoo lenses etc from various places. Some may be solely interested in your business. Some may want more information on your network marketing internet business and subscribe to your newsletter. Some may lose interest in your site theme, but be interested in a program, product or course you have links for. Others may click a few Google Ads before departing.

Having multi-streams of income… allows you to maximise income off your site traffic. Remember your in business to make money. The internet has many and deverse ways of doing that!

Although your network marketing… remains your primary business… your income from these other sources can be substantial. This makes for a huge difference when you try to compare a modern network marketing internet business to ‘old model’ NWM! Old model network matketing is dead!

No matter what your business is about you’ll find affiliate programs, hard goods products, ebooks and software related to your site theme. Using incontext text links is the best way to draw attention to these products. Text banners and small banners are OK, but the hyperlink within your content text is more natural. Also it has been proven to be more effective in delivering results.

As your site traffic numbers increase… you’ll have opportunities to place affiliate referral links on your site. ‘Cost per action’ (CPA) referrals are an excellent income source. Another valued income source that most internet marketers use are Google Ads. Google pay by the number of clicks to these Ads. This income source is relative to the number of site-visitors. You do have some control over what type of Ads appear in these Google Ad blocks, but really losing a possible prospect to someone else’s Ad… simply means that the person was not ‘sold’ on you anyway!


Earning some income from as many site-visitors as possible and spending time with your business partner prospects is the new style network marketing internet business! The big drawback in ‘old model’ network marketing was the high time and monetary cost in finding business partners. Then later to find they were not interested in following you with the same time and monetary commitment.

A network marketing internet business has a… ‘time-well-spent’ feeling! You see results for low cost. You do spend time in the set-up of your website, blogs, etc and you’ll work to a plan to bring all these content and interactive marketing tools together. Because you spend your time training people who were interested enough to put their hand up to be involved, a high percentage of these people will follow through and take action on the training you offer them.

This is far superior to ‘old model’ network marketing and the quicker the old ways are buried the better! A network marketing internet business is a multi-income business. BasicallyFind Article, a foreign concept to the network marketing companies. They are locked-in to a company controlled… commission paid sales-person mindset! The origins of network marketing distributors can be traced back to the ‘peddlers’ of the nineteenth century. Really you must use the tools that work best… today. The internet is a wonderful gift of our time… that is also the most effective marketing tool available.

To help with online network marketing… training in a click-by-click follow-along style is available in a unique course. This is excellent to learn from… and actually ‘do’ as you go. You can pause the video and do the steps as per the click-by-click instructions. This type of training is powerful and direct. Many people will find training this way… a blessing!