More Website Tips for Information Marketers

As I mentioned in the last article, building a great website is crucial to the success of your information marketing business. Here are some more tips to help you create that perfect, customer attracting website.

A lot of people find the digital age very confusing. And it can be — there are always choices to be made.

I remember reading a lot of guitar magazines in high school, around the time digital recording techniques were being introduced into studios. Many guitar players were complaining about the new techniques, calling them “digital infernos” with too many choices and confusing avenues.

Fortunately, the late Darrell Abbott of Texas heavy metal band Pantera cleared the air for everyone in his very casual, unrefined demeanor: “Dude, just know what you want and use the computer to get it!”

He was absolutely right.

When building your web site for your information marketing
business, it’s important to know what you want. Once you’ve
figured that out, it can help you make more choices later on.

Here are some considerations to make in the process:

1. Limiting visual material additions: In the last article I posted, I talked about a limited use of graphics. You should also resist the temptation to cram it full of other visual material. Feel free to add a video of a seminar you held or a special message you want to present once in a while. But, overall, stick to the old
direct marketing adage: “It’s the words that sell.”

2. Picking a good host: A host is where you go to register your web site’s name or domain; i.e. where you set up the “www” address. You can search out domains on the Internet. Be sure to compare prices and how much of a domain space is being offered. If you have visual material, you will probably have to
pay a bit more for a larger domain to accommodate such material. And don’t be afraid to go global. Many friends and colleagues get their domains from the UK or even South Africa. You can often find a better price and service.

3. Keeping your domain name simple and relative: It’s important that your web site address look at least similar to your business’ name. At the Information Marketing Institute, our web site is simply The Institute’s name is right in the web site address, almost word-for-word. Try to do the same. In the event that the web site address you have chosen is taken by another company, your host can often help you find a new one.

4. Keeping it updated: Like with your blog, it’s a bad idea to leave your web site unchanged for a long period of time. Be sure to add news, announcements, and a new design. Your customers will appreciate it.

Believe it or not, the Internet is very user-friendly. Information is right at your fingertips. You can even get online advice, well, online. If you get stuck on building your web site, search the Internet. It’s all right there.

AgainHealth Fitness Articles, you just have to know what you want.