More Quality Comes into Driver Training at Calgary


Driving is always thrilling. But the thrill can turn fatal if the driver is not a properly trained hand and is too immature to handle adverse situations that might spring up on a high traffic road. On the one hand, the driver has to respect the safe driving techniques prescribed by the law enforcing authorities. Secondly he must ensure his own safety and that of fellow passengers when felt embarrassed by the rash driving of others on the road. That means a good driver must know lots of things and techniques to ply safely on the road. The Calgary city of Alberta region in Canada has many reputed driving schools offering high-quality, safe driving courses. The big number of driving schools varies considerably in the quality of training. The quality depends mainly on the versatility of the instructors employed in these driving schools. A newbie driver’s future performance hinges on the quality of the training he gets at a driving school under able professionals. There are many vehicles-based courses such as Motorcycle; Car, Trucks and an integrated course called defensive driver training course.  All these driving courses have a wide variety of driving lessons to address all situations and conditions. They will also offer value-added training for winter and fatigue management. Professional driving schools have everything to offer including online driver training. Stringent driver licensing rules are prevalent in Canada’ s Alberta province where Calgary is based. There are seven classes of driving license in Alberta. For heavy goods and large passenger vehicles, the concerned licenses are Class 7 and 5.  The learner’s driving license can be taken at the age of 14 under parental consent.To obtain learner’s license a written test and a vision test has to be passed. Recently the Government of Canada introduced a Driver’s Education Kit to improve vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Known as Auto$mart, it promotes fuel-efficient driving practices and vehicle maintenance practices to improve fuel economy. The kit includes a Driving Instructor’s Guide, Student Workbook and videos.Over 2,000 driving instructors will offer the training as part of the curriculum, and over 500,000 students per year learn to drive the Auto$mart way.“A” Driving School in Calgary is a pioneer in best driving practices and outstanding driver training. This Driving School in Calgary won the Consumers Award consecutively for six years. It imparts  classes for most types of vehicles. The training ranges from motorcycles to customized driving courses for corporations, fleets and businesses. It was established in Calgary in 1978, it trains individual drivers, corporations and fleets besides e-learning programs. Professionally developed curriculum’s for each vehicle with hands on driver training is the basis of its reputation. The vehicles include motorcycles and cars; Trucks and commercial drivers; Class 1 and Class 3 commercial trucker training. The new initiatives in Driver training taken by the government and quality instruction by driving schools like A Driving is ushering in a welcome change in the driver training front in Canada.   

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