Mixing Playtime and Shetland Sheepdog Training

The Shetland Sheepdog falls under the AKC Herding Group, and this implies a smart and very active dog. Otherwise known as shelties, the breed may indeed be small, but they possess roughly the same energy as dogs bigger than them. These dogs need plenty of physical simulation, which presents an opportunity or a challenge, depending on your physical lifestyle as owner! They are a loving and sociable breed that gets the most fun out of exercising or playing with people or other dogs.

The ideal environment for a sheltie is a fenced-in back or front yard where family members can play with your puppy. Shelties are serious competitors when it comes to playing catch, and are dead-serious when it comes to frisbee too. Some sheltie owners organize scavenger hunts for the dogs where they will hide treats around the yard and will allow their pet to find them. Your dog will also need to spend some time playing off-leash, but do not leave them unattended in the yard. The breed is also a genius when it comes to overcoming obstacles, and may even dig and escape out of boredom.

But if there is no yard around to keep the sheltie busy, there are other means to give him the work that keeps him happy and fit. One is to get him to tag along for the morning jog, or train him to run next to your bicycle. Even if jogging or biking is not on your list of daily activities, a long, brisk walk with your dog will be enough, but have time also for playing with your dog indoors.

But if you are really positive about giving your sheltie some daily shetland sheepdog training, check into some dog sporting events in your area. Most herding breeds outshine others at agility competitions because they are quick, brainy, and dexterous. It’s obvious that there is more to it than just the trials, since the challenging training process is a good time for you two to bond and exercise together. A sheltie or an agility club in your area presents the chance for your dog to try out agility training.

The sheltie is an intelligent and playful breed, and will be most appreciated by owners with physically active backgrounds. Your sheltie’s day is basically complete whenever he gets to do things with you, but even more so if it is an errand with a lot of walking or a sport with running. Shelties, always eager to please through shetland sheepdog trainingFree Articles, will fit right into a fun-loving home.