Marketing Your Book Like a B-List Celebrity


Some say that the hardest part of writing your own book is not the writing itself. Some believe that it is the process that begins after the writing is done that is the hard part. Marketing your book can be fraught with frustration, confusion and discouragement. In years gone by, the process of writing a book and getting it on the shelves of the book store chains was a simple one. Well, ‘simple’ providing you had won yourself a publisher and they wanted to aggressively market your masterpiece for you. – if not all of  marketing your book yourself.Many believe that the way to let the world know you’re here is to saturate them with your book and yourself. Your persona will need to be just as prominent in the publics eye as your book. Take the initiative on how this can be done, think outside the box in getting your face and your book seen and heard.Libraries, shopping centres, fairs, fetes and markets are a great way to get your face recognised. Be sure to cover your usual bases such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your own blogs and websites. Once those are established got he extra step and contact television programs, newspapers and magazines. At the very least the say no, but they have recognised your product when they have given you the rejection.Go with the B-List Celebrities mantra of “any press is good press.” Ensure that you and your book are everywhere and getting as much attention from as many different angles at all times. Sites like Tribal Author are invaluable when it comes to tips and techniques of how to get you and your book out there.

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