Marketing Strategies: Six Quick Marketing Rituals That Work

There’s one piece of information that can come as a big surprise to many women business owners. It is this: being a technical expert at what you do isn’t good enough to attract all the clients you want.

It’s important to realize that you must become an even better small business marketing expert than you are a coach, designer, organizer, etc.

But, marketing your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The trick is to create effective marketing strategies and rituals that are easy to execute each day.

Here are six marketing strategies I use to make sure my marketing plans get implemented so I continue to generate a steady stream of new clients.

Marketing Strategy #1: Schedule It – Don’t Wing It!I use a “marketing calendar” which lists the small business marketing actions I’m scheduled to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This way, I don’t have to think, I just have to act (and, there’s less likelihood of putting off taking action on marketing plans since it’s on my to-do list for the day).

Marketing Strategy #2: Save the Excuses for Something ElseIt’s too easy to say, “I’m not ready yet”, “I don’t know enough yet”, or to let other excuses get in the way of small business marketing. Unless you’re like me, a marketing coach who loves marketing, chores like washing dishes or folding laundry can provide happy distractions from making outbound calls or writing your newsletter.

If you use an excuse to get you out of exercising you just end up with a few extra pounds around your middle. But, if you use an excuse to get out of small business marketing, you can end up with no business! So, save the excuses for something else that isn’t as important and get into action.

Marketing Strategy #3: Track—and Celebrate—Your Progress!If you track some very basic information you’ll quickly see your progress, including what’s working and what needs to be tweaked. I track the number of articles I write, new newsletter subscribers, website visitors, sales by dollars and average dollars per sale on a simple piece of paper using my old-fashioned mechanical pencil. You can see this is real high- tech stuff here!

Marketing Strategy #4: Find Something About Marketing Which Resonates With YouMarketing isn’t a cold, unfeeling activity. It’s connecting with people, making new friends (my clients are now life-long friends whom I adore!), helping people, being a valued resource; it’s an opportunity to express your uniqueness and more. Choose ONE aspect of small business marketing that resonates with your soul, and then let yourself feel that feeling with each marketing action you take. Trust me. It will make a big difference in what you accomplish AND in your results!

Marketing Strategy #5: Use the Power of OneThe Power of One means doing one marketing action each day. You can send one email, make one phone call, and write one article…your choice. Just do it!

Marketing Strategy #6: Be a Marketing HeroI don’t love taking vitamins or eating broccoli, but I do it because I know the health benefits are worth it. Ditto with your marketing. The benefits of more clients, greater prestige and profitable opportunities are well worth the momentary stretch of your comfort zone.

Try making your marketing a ritual. When you see how quickly it becomes part of your daily habitComputer Technology Articles, you will enjoy the rewards of new clients and breakthrough growth for you and your business!