Marketing Information Products: 5 Methods To Engage Prospects

What are information products and how can they be used to turn suspects into prospects and to cultivate alliances and joint ventures?

An information product can be constructed in many forms. This includes, developing a special report, audio, or other documents that convey with ease valuable information to individuals that you are attempting to build a marketing relationship with. Generally, they are related to the type of work that you do and demonstrate and establish you as an expert in your field.

Here are five ways to utilize your information products to build marketing relationships:

1. They can be offered at networking events as an enticement for individuals to meet you and to get permission to begin the communication process that turns suspects into prospects. Mention it at the end of your elevator speech as a call to action.

2. They can be offered as an exchange through your internet marketing strategy to capture names and e-mail addresses of interested people who come to yours site. If they have located you then they’ll likely have some level of interest in your specialty area. You can advertise your links to the information products through articles, blogging, on your website, through PR posts and social networking sites.

3. You can use information products as a way to introduce yourself to potential strategic alliances and joint venture partners. If they will listen to an audio or read a special report that describes what you do, then there is a much greater chance that you will be able to identify whether or not there is a fit to work together. It can also be used as a way to shortcut time intensive one-on-one meetings when there may not be a good match.

4. They can be offered to other businesses that do not have their own information products but would like to deliver value to their marketing list or to their clients. Look for business owners and independent professionals who are marketing to the same target market. This branding is exceptional and there is an implied endorsement from the sender. One powerful strategy is to create a link within the report back to your website.

5. Your information products can be turned into a revenue stream by offering them as a paid product on your website, at networking events and workshops. Even if the product was originally given out for free it can be converted into a paid product that creates passive sales. The important point is to offer great content. In shortArticle Search, information products are a great vehicle to develop new relationships in a variety of ways in a low-key yet very effective manner. What several marketing methods fail to do is to have a call to action and as a consequence a majority of the marketing efforts end up producing nothing at all. These products will be an effective call to action in almost any circumstance.

Try starting with just one product and market it consistently and you will see great things happen!